Alaskans Smell Like Salmon…

This startling revelation from best-selling author, newly-minted millionaire and Facebook blogger Sarah Palin, who vividly relates to Faux News anchor Greta Van Susteren her two monumental experiences standing in line for celebrity book-signings by literary rock-stars Herschel Walker and Ivana Trump.

Feel free to create your own punchlines… These days, with regards to Palin, I’m just speechless.

Update: But wait, there’s more! Oh, good grief… there’s always more.

This may sound kind of snobbish, but the dropped g’s really send me up the wall. Is it really necessary to say “puttin” as opposed to “putting” and so on?


8 Replies to “Alaskans Smell Like Salmon…”

  1. It’s a horrible, flesh-creeping trait. Sadly, one that my significant other frequently indulges in whenever talking to her family… goin’ here, doin’ that and talkin’ about stuff. Not sure what the imperative is to sound all folksy, but it drives me up the wall. You may have noticed that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also employed it on the campaign trail in the south during the last election.

  2. I find that droppin’ the ‘g’ at times – if one is known for otherwise not doing so – can be kind of an effective way of speakin’. Particularly for people who are writin’ all the time, because they deal so much with words – it’s nice to introduce some novelty every so often, I guess.

    But then, this doesn’t always work, because then people think you’re always talkin’ like that.

  3. I used to drop the g’s in my prior life drivin’ big-rig. Ah alsuh sOUnded like the Duke boys ohn mah CB.

    You adopt the vernacular of the community you’re addressing. ‘Leastwise ah thunk so at th’time.

  4. Metro — True enough. I worked seismic for a while and every third word on the line was “fuck” or a variation thereof. It took me quite a while afterward to ween myself away from that.

    Great expression from that time: “Fuck de fuck!” This guy from Quebec used to say that all the time whenever he was frustrated or just plain fed up with… whatever. I think he actually meant to say WTF, but the redundant FDF was hilarious in a subtly different way.

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