Take the Money & Run

Evidently, Sarah Palin angered and disappointed some of her fans in Noblesville, IN last night when she abruptly left a book signing promotion even though there were many people still waiting in line to receive her signature on their newly purchased copies of Going Rogue (not to be confused with Going Rouge as was mistakenly shown on a Fox News program yesterday).

Oh well, look on the bright side — now they can share in her whiny victimhood.

Palienated Update: More on Sarah “quitting on the job” (as some disgruntled fans in the crowd derisively shouted outside her bus as it prepared to take off). Apparently, everyone after group “N” got stiffed — in other words, just somewhat under half the crowd.

Look, Up in the Sky…

Maybe I have a really sick sense of humour, but I thought this was just hilarious.

Note that I don’t necessarily agree with the premise as polar bears seem to be enjoying something of a renaissance in the Arctic these days, so please spare me a lecture about that, but I still love the concept and brilliant execution (no pun intended).

p.s. I hope James Morton doesn’t see this. 😉