Apparently, former Miss America and Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson thinks that leukemia can be treated in a hospital Emergency ward. Good grief…



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19 responses to “Arghhhh!

  1. Ti-Guy

    I don’t want to meet the family that puts that 0n that freak show first thing in the morning.

  2. Joseph

    Oh, yes, the folksy fascist. They can be quite helpful when you need to purge.

    Even Gretchen is coughing on her own bile this morning, with all these little hem-hawing little caveats added to her spiel . . . “well, geez, I’m not sure but, ya know, I don’t think we, um, let children die of, well, leukemia in this country. I’m mean, I’m not sure, but, you know, maybe this isn’t, um, you know, correct. It might be, um, sort of, ‘inefficient’ but I just don’t know if this ad, um, is, well, truthful (voice fading at the end, perhaps a little too close to libel for comfort).”

    Geez, Gretchen, maybe next time you should get off your ass and do some research, seeing as you’re not so sure and all. I somehow doubt your claim that children don’t die of leukemia in the US . . . why don’t you start there.

    Inefficient indeed.

    What is particularly galling is Faux pulls this stunt by having them “not really” be news reporters at all. They are just “chatting” about the news.

    Journalistic standards be damned. These are just my “friends” telling me what I need to know as I start my day.

    I have to go gag now . . . see they helped.


  3. Glad to provide your morning emetic.

  4. burpster

    She was a Miss America? Holy fuck, talk about a nasty smack with the ugly stick.

  5. Ti-Guy

    I just loathe the ability of American culture to succeed at associating feminine beauty (or its standards thereof) with sheer vacuousness.

  6. TofKW

    “…Gretchen Carlson thinks that leukemia can be treated in a hospital Emergency ward.

    And meanwhile FOXNews is trying to counter Whitehouse claims and prove they are a proper news organization like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc (not adding BBC, Al Jazeera, etc who really are news organizations), yet they continue to put shit like this on the air.Mon Dieu!!!

  7. burpster

    Ti-Guy, that’s what US cable news is. All the women are former beauty queens or cheerleaders.

  8. benalbanach

    I found the book-ends equally blonde.

  9. Future Fox News anchorette?

  10. benalbanach

    Go on Ti-Guy….Say it !

  11. She probably thinks the disease is a skin condition

  12. counter-coulter

    I’m surprised that they (Fox & Co.) didn’t take the standard Republican line of “they should’ve thought of that before they chose to get sick” and just blame the children for getting leukimia in the first place. So therefore they deserve whatever happens to them.

  13. counter-coulter

    Future Fox News anchorette?

    Well, in her defense RT, she’s pretty hot.

  14. jkg

    I am embarrassed to know this, but that blonde in your video RT is in fact Kellie Pickler, a former contestant on American Idol . She is now a country music star…

  15. jkg

    Fox & Friends should just not bother with the pretense of serious discussion and turn it into an old style entertainment show. I can see it now: “Welcome to Fox & Friends Variety Hour featuring Briam Kilmeade and the Anchorettes!”

  16. Ti-Guy

    Go on Ti-Guy….Say it !

    Say what?

  17. How come she tought that leukemia can be treated in the hospital emergency ward?

  18. benalbanach

    Sorry Ti-Guy…..I was stuck for words and just thought…….
    Oh well.

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