Harper in Bollywood

Smart move. Perhaps soon we’ll be seeing Harper on So You Think You Can Dance Canada™ or Little Mosque on the Prairie

Update: Darn that liberal media



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24 responses to “Harper in Bollywood

  1. Bob Bruce

    Pretty slow day for you Martin?

    Just a little too much time on your hands?

    Try getting out in that stormy weather for a brisk walk, it’ll do you wonders.


  2. Fuck off.


    p.s. Only a turkey like you would go for a walk in a downpour.

  3. Blogger “Impolitical” calls is “Poli-wood”.

  4. CWTF

    dr roy and dodo seem to be creaming themselves over this event… go figure.

  5. There’s a disturbing image.

  6. sapphireandsteel

    Im waiting for a multi-limbed statue of Harper a la Ganesh

  7. Harper has a lost look and this dance does not suit him at all..He just wants to glance at her behind,…some statesman!

  8. Prairie Kid

    At least Harper said he was going to India and he actually went. Not like Iffy who’s on again off again trip to China is nowhere to be seen. Matter of fact, has anybody seen Iffy?

  9. Ti-Guy

    Does Iffy give you a stiffy, Prairie Kid?

  10. sapphireandsteel

    ha if Iffy gives him a stiffy he should talk to Canadiannonsense

  11. New movie coming out – Deceivin Stephen goes Poli-wood.

    I remember good old George Bush doing these dancy things…..I guess Luntz must be helping again.

  12. CWTF

    At least Harper said he was going to India and he actually went.
    I really like his conditional KyotoII stance… only if other leaders go… So does that make Stevie a follower?

    p.s. Are you giving as much importance to the leader of the opposition as the PM? Just wondering….

  13. Bob Bruce

    Ever heard of rain gear Martin?

    But if being a wussy is your thing, so be it.

  14. Ti-Guy

    I’ll take this one.

    Fuck off, Boob.

  15. PK — Matter of fact, has anybody seen Iffy?

    He was in New Brunswick on Friday. Not as glamorous as India’s Dance Premier League but he hasn’t quite fallen off the planet.

  16. Bob Bruce – it isn’t manly to be stupid.

  17. TofKW

    Prairie Kid, the last time I checked Harper was the government leader, Ignatieff was not. What possible difference would it make if the leader of the opposition goes on a holiday to Mumbai or Beijing?

    I’m really getting tired of you Reformatories forgetting that it is YOU who are the government now. And on that note, nice job you’ve done in pissing off the Chinese over the past 4 years. When Harper finally arrives there, I wonder if they will remember that incident when their trade delegation was visiting and Rob Anders showed up wearing a Free Tibet t-shirt?

  18. Bob Bruce

    RS– it isn’t manly to be stupid.

    So you’re saying getting that getting off of your lazy fat ass and getting outside to enjoy the wonders of nature is stupid?

    But then again you grass roots Liberals have let the Bloc Torontois tell you who will be your leader, so yes I guess that you are lazy fat asses physically and mentally.

  19. sapphireandsteel

    Fuck off Boob

  20. CWTF

    Shorter Boob: “Outside?? That’s where pizza comes from, right?”

    Now, Fuck off Boob

  21. Why doesn’t Boob go tell “Dr” Roy to go outside and get some exercise? I’d say he needs it a hell of a lot more than I do!

  22. Bruce from Cambridge

    Obviously a doctored picture

  23. benalbanach

    No the picture isn’t doctored and no he isn’t looking at her ass. most people do not have their ass situated between the shoulder- blades.
    However Bob Bruce might be the exception.

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