Gameswipe (1-2/5)

Following in the footsteps of his previous Screenwipe and Newswipe BBC programs, Charlie Brooker recently set his caustic sites on the video gaming industry with the same delightfully scabrous sense of humour we’ve come to know and love over the years.


10 Replies to “Gameswipe (1-2/5)”

  1. I will be looking forward to it. Oh, I would post this on another one of your uploads, but I thought since we are on about British programming, I wanted to tell you that Spooks is back. It is a bit silly at times, but one of the things I like is the constant friction between all the intelligence agencies, mainly between MI-5 and the CIA. For some reason, I think the writers for that show like to put in little jabs or commentaries here and there on US intelligence and foreign policy. That is not to say though that the CIA is portrayed in an incompetent light. On the contrary, they are very good at being somewhat conniving and manipulative even against MI-5.

  2. Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Spooks. We’ve got a pretty limited cable offering here, unfortunately… (landlord pays for the subscription).

    Speaking of British programming, I ran across a YouTube channel the other day that posts new episodes of HIGNFY:

    The latest one featured Marcus Brigstocke playing w/ Paul Merton. Hilarious stuff.

  3. Ah, you touched on another panel show I watch! My other one is Mock the Week but they are getting ride of Frankie Boyle, which is a shame. Btw, Spooks can be found online if you are interested. You can check Sidereel or a website like that.

    Could you imagine having a HIGNFY Canadian edition? How would that work? Maybe Mansbridge or Rex Murphy can host it, if for nothing else the Canadian comedians could make fun of them throughout the show.

  4. The BBC panel shows are the best. Stephen Fry’s QI for example is always a blast.

    And then there’s the radio ones which are phenomenal. I often listen to those during the day while I’m working. News Quiz with Sandi Toksvig is a fave. When time/inclination allows I often go digging through the BBC5 archive for what an be found, although they’ve really trimmed back their offerings recently.

    Used to watch Newsnight on a regular basis, but can’t get that any more… *sigh* I miss my fix of Paxman.

  5. Could you imagine having a HIGNFY Canadian edition?

    That’s an interesting question, actually. I wonder if the Canadian public is sufficiently tuned into the news to constitute a decent audience for such a program.

    It could certainly be funny if it featured people like Rick Mercer, Colin Mochrie, Brent Butt, Ron James, and other fixtures of domestic comedy.

    I’d imagine it would be of much more delightful interest than a lot of the phenomenally dull offerings that CBC’s woeful entertainment division doles out…

  6. Some classic Paxman:

    I have never checked out the radio panel shows; I might just do that.

    I think satire of Canadian culture has not achieved that level of irreverence that the British have mastered so well. You can imagine the cries of the “Liberal MSM” if we had anything remotely close to that ( Air Farce was a good attempt by the way). I would pay money though to see somebody like John Baird or any other hapless politician get the same treatment that Boris Johnson did when he guest hosted HIGNFY.

  7. Thanks for the Pax.

    Old “22 Minutes” was pretty irreverent, as was “Codco” but there’s not much on these days other than “Rick Mercer Report” that cuts with sharp satirical wit.

    I couldn’t stand “Air Farce”… way too hackneyed and almost vaudevillian for me.

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