Scary Rape Fables

Attention Women: You are never safe, not even in broad daylight in your own homes. Your flimsy doors and feeble locks will not protect you from violent burglars, demented ex-boyfriends, psychotic bad guys, or other potential rapists constantly lurking in your backyard… Only loud pulsating noises and the responsive team of hunky young men at the Broadview Security call centre can protect you!

You have admit these ads are a real piece of work — Broadview (formerly Brinks) certainly understands how to exploit the worst fears of their demographic target market.



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4 responses to “Scary Rape Fables

  1. fear’s the new sex.


  2. Martin

    Wow…good piece.
    As a man, I’d never want to downplay rape, but that is pretty disgusting. These women looked like they lived in the safest neighbourhoods ever seen on the planet. Anyway, I have a 3-number code I can punch into my telephone and immediately summon the police, fire department, or ambulance. What more do I need?

    We scare ourselves as entertainment, we scare ourselves and call it “news”, and we scare ourselves for profit. Martian anthropologists left scratching their antennae again.

  3. Ti-Guy

    Heh, that was funny.

  4. False Prophet

    I’m twice the size of most of those guys but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t break open the door to a new suburban home with one kick.

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