Adios Lou Dobbs

I’m sure Olbermann will indeed miss hamming it up with his baleful, slurping impression of (now former) CNN anchor Lou Dobbs. But hey, he’s still got a popular radio show on 160 stations…

Actually, aside from his constant harping on about illegal immigrants and nutty right-wing conspiracy theories like the “North American Union” and such, I didn’t mind Dobbs that much. I hear Sarah Palin is looking for a talk show, so maybe she could fill that slot on CNN.


13 Replies to “Adios Lou Dobbs”

  1. Olbermann is a fool. You might not like Dobbs (He’s got some valid points in illegal immigration, but harps on the big bad business man a little much), but who would watch a newscast with an anchor that participates in such amateurish, disrespectful antics as this. If Keith has a career that lasts half as long as Dobbs, I’d eat my hat.

    MSNBC is pretty much a joke, even to the rest of the industry. I’d have a beer with Donny Deutsch though. He seems like a decent fellow.

  2. “who would watch a newscast with an anchor that participates in such amateurish, disrespectful antics as this.”

    worst rhetorical question ever.


  3. Best headline, from Andy Borowitz:

    “Lou Dobbs Returns to his Planet; My Work Here is Done”

  4. I only watched Dobbs recently and found him and his show to be a breathe of fresh air to be honest. Fox news annoys me more than anything lately, and MSNBC is off the charts on the smug arrogance factor. Ive been getting better usage out of podcasting a handful of shows.

  5. CNN still sucks, with or without Lou Dobbs. Oh the left hated him for his stance on immigration, but he was the only news anchor focusing on offshoring and the hemmorhaging of jobs to China.

    The corporotocracy didn’t like his bashing of them, and they like the cheap labor provided by illegal immigrants.

    Well, the people get the economic system they deserve. If I were Dobbs, I’d advocate increased immigration in order to do the jobs that leftards “refuse to do”.

    I think Olbermann and Maddow could easily be replaced by immigrants, and they should. AAAARRRRRRRIIIIIIIIBBBBBA !!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. It’ll never cease to amaze how illiterate, distracted and hyperactive dunderheads think they have the wherewithal to assess the quality of journalism news delivery.

    Read my lips: You’re too ignorant. Turn off the teevee and go read a book.

  7. Thought hitfan obviously has bitten the US Republican populist right-wing-nuttery of FoxNews hook, line and sinker, there is a kernel of truth to his rants. Indeed the powers that be in America could turn down the taps of illegal immigration if they so wanted. The problem is that ever since organised labour unions established themselves (or one could make the case that it went back to the abolition of slavery) many US business sectors have exploited the poor to circumvent labour laws (agriculture quickly comes to mind) for their own gains.

    However hitfan, as Ti-Guy suggests try reading some books. For starters, may I suggest George Grant’s “Lament for a Nation: The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism”. This is perhaps the greatest book written to date which shows what traditional conservatism is, and should cause you to pause before you brand anyone who opposes Harper and the new CPC as ‘leftards’.

  8. As your book deals with the topic at hand, yes that should be hitfan’s starting point. Though I feel that since neither of our recommendations contain any pictures, hitfan may choose to remain in ignorance.

  9. Well, there’s the acclaimed Canadian documentary based on the book. But asking for someone to pay attention to something that takes almost three hours get through that isn’t a video game might be expecting too much.

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