Poor Gordon Brown

It seems the unfortunate man simply cannot get a break, especially not from Rupert Murdoch’s Sun tabloid rag that appears bent on a campaign of personal destruction.

Furthermore, as the reliably conservative Spectator pointed out, “one may reasonably wonder about a person who chooses to record a telephone call from the PM and then, presumably, sell the tape to a tabloid newspaper…” Pretty despicable stuff.

7 Replies to “Poor Gordon Brown”

  1. Wow, that is powerful. This could just as easily happen to any leader.

    People who hate a leader can find themselves in a position to work with a media outlet to damage reputations and make smoke appear where this is no fire.

    Remember the guy (Monaghan) working at Environment Canada who leaked the CPC Green Plan? He was leaking material in an attempt to embarrass Canada’s “New” government. He was fired and then further used the media and sued the RCMP over his arrest. I believe CBC carried that story as much as a year later, into 2008.

    The western media truly has the power to destroy any politician’s reputation if sets out to do so.

  2. It’s pretty hard to know where to begin with this one.

    Brown certainly cornered himself into what became one of the most degrading personal embarrassments a post-war prime minister has ever suffered. His policy of hand-writing a note to the family of every fatal casualty, though noble, was bound to end in tears–opportunities for errors of the kind he allegedly committed are legion if one is composing quickly, without handy fact- and grammar-checking tools.

    Then, his decision to call a grieving mother and explain himself–essentially expecting a calm, dispassionate discussion with a woman who must be undergoing several levels of soul-shredding agony–was the very embodiment of arrant stupidity. There was no way for that to have gone well.

    I carry no brief for the man, but Brown’s slow, excruciatingly protracted political seppuku is getting really ugly to watch. I wish he would just call the bloody election and take his party into the oblivion for which everybody knows they are destined.

  3. Remember the guy (Monaghan) working at Environment Canada who leaked the CPC Green Plan?

    Oh yeah! I remember him. I’ve been wanting to shake his hand and buy him a drink…

  4. I didn’t know you were an anarchist?

    Or are you just a supporter of anarchists when their targets meet your approval?

    I’ll bet you buy Soldier of Fortune magazine … for the articles of course.

  5. Or are you just a supporter of anarchists when their targets meet your approval?

    Natch–rather in the way you’re a supporter of corrupt Islamist, Sharia-law regimes when their targets meet your approval, my Karzai- and Saudi-loving friend…

    I’m a big fan of corporate and public-service whistleblowers—they’re what pin-dicked “populists” like Harper think they are: initiative-taking mavericks with a pair of stones who refuse to be cowed by so-called “managers” who usually owe their position to their carpet-burned knees.

    Any other questions?

  6. I guess Benjamin Franklin had advice for us both when he said…

    “He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas. “

  7. I do have another question…

    Do you think Brown deserved that “Gotcha!” moment?

    I personally thought it was significantly beyond the pale.

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