“Change” We Can Believe In?

Chalk one up for Fox News in debunking the latest specious nonsense being recklessly floated by America’s most famous quitter; sleazy, opportunistic grifter, and populist teabagging celebrity, Sarah Palin.

Hey, credit where it’s due…


11 Replies to ““Change” We Can Believe In?”

  1. Actually, that was a cross-reality leak from an alternate universe.

    If you wear a tinfoil hat properly, you may still see such broadcasts, but your brain will avoid remembering them.

  2. Forget about Palin. Forget about Fox. Let’s take a few steps back and look at the big picture.

    What we need to understand here is that concern about the “secularisation” of the currency–of filthy lucre–can actually be offered as an item of serious reflection in the United States.

    God forbid (literally) that the sacredness of a commercial transaction–for the sake of, say, a quick half-and-half at a Nevada cathouse–be stripped of its inherent holiness for lack of a grotesquely ironic phrase on the money that makes the deal possible.

    Palin should go further, and demand that “In God We Trust” be stamped–alongside a variety of presidential portraits–on an even wider range of items crucial to the American Way of Life–condoms, .38 Specials, bongs, crack pipes, etc. Why be coy about it? Why limit the honour to the currency?

    Even as I type, I’m overtaken by a legion of unbidden frissons at the thought of James Madison’s doughy face, inked on millions of prophylactic reservoirs, being milkily inflated by a myriad seminal emissions. I think the Founding Fathers would be delighted to know that a people who have abandoned everything they stood for had finally discovered a way to put them to good use.

  3. …ike! the prose is unmistakeable.

    I guess now that the “Trusty Tory” is silent (and possibly in custody), I could finally use that old moniker without having to share an identity and avatar with an utter prat. I’ve grown rather fond of the “Sir Francis” thing, though, so “Sir Isaac” shall just have to remain an esoteric, shadowy past identity, a là Don Draper.

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