Just for the hell of it…

Contemptible though it may be regarded by some trendy critics, I really miss this neo-vernacular, “progressive” or “art rock” style of music.



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5 responses to “Nutrocker

  1. Brandon

    It’s still out there, though your mileage may vary. I for one think there are quite a few really great bands making progressive music these days.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure there are. I wish I was a more plugged into that. It’s a luxury of youth…

  3. Bazoo

    Nice prog. Here’s one of my fave contemporary prog goodies, you might enjoy:

  4. That was awesome! Reminds me a bit of Premiata Forneria Marconi.

    Thanks very much for sharing.

    Got more…?

  5. Bazoo

    I like this guilt machine album a lot. Arjen is the main guy in this and Ayreon and Ambeon and Star One.
    A lot of contemp prog is metal now or borders on metal, it seems to me. There also seems to be more presence in Europe than in North America. I miss the time when you could hear great contemporary prog pop on the radio (Kansas, Styx, Yes, Marillion) but I do think it is behind us, though one never knows. Pop music is marketted to kids now. That’s the difference, seems to me. When I was ten and just getting into music big time, I looked up to my cousins who were playing Zeppelin and Tull…
    Anyways… LOTS of cool stuff happening in the margins however, and on the edges.
    This psychfolk band has wicked prog chops, imo:

    I like this youtube channel a lot for classic prog
    It isn’t new stuff but much of it is new to me, and all of it is top quality.

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