The Lies of “Captain Crazy”

Are wingnuts simply incapable of telling the truth? Glad to see Rachel Maddow call out Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and her good pals at Fox News for outrageously inflating the number of angry white teabaggers at her “house call” yesterday and for making demonstrably false statements about people not being bussed in to the event by astroturf outfits such as the laughably named “FreedomWorks” and “Americans for Prosperity”…

Update: Speaking of flagrant right-wing lies, World Nut Daily wasted no time in cooking up a pack of them in connection with the Fort Hood shooting.

It’s hard to believe the WND site has over 8 million visitors a month…

4 Replies to “The Lies of “Captain Crazy””

  1. Sad that the congressman in the video suggest that members should be commended for not getting bribed by the health industry. How institutionalized is corruption when politicians should be congratulated for not accepting envelopes of cash?

  2. Sandi — Yeah, I caught that too… actually incorporated it into an earlier post on Bachmann’s “house call” featuring some less than inspirational musical clips of teabaggers’ protest songs.

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