Shit or Get Off the Pot

That’s the less “politically correct” version of Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page’s recommendation that his operation of monitoring Ottawa’s financial projections and performance be shut down if he can’t get adequate funding and staff resources to fulfill his prescribed mandate (explained in this TVO interview from earlier this year).

It’s completely unconscionable that Page has been, for lack of a better expression, incessantly jerked around by the government (with the tacit complicity of the Liberals, it should be noted) in every possible way to thwart his endevours… Or so it would seem.

If Stephen Harper actually believes in the indisputably worthy principles of “accountability” and “transparency” in the management of federal affairs (as he’s so often stated in the past) then surely the PBO is an essential aspect of this process — a complimentary bookend, if you will, to the role of the Auditor General who’s charged with objectively examining government performance and value for money after the fact.

So, the question here is… why don’t the Liberals make “accountability” a pivotal issue (stealing it back from the Conservatives) and support Page with whatever political influence they can apply to the matter?

High Noon on Capitol Hill

Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann and the advocacy group Americans for Prosperity have called on “freedom loving” protesters to “scare” members of Congress into killing the proposed health care reform bill.

“I think that will absolutely scare these members of Congress so much that Pelosi will not get the votes and it will kill the bill. I think it could be dead for 10 years. Why won’t we? Why won’t we go for broke?”

So this is it… the final showdown at high noon.

“Don’t bring your pitchforks,” Bachmann said, “bring your video cameras.”

Should be interesting.

Update: “A bunch of angry white people are yelling at members of Congress right now — both for and against healthcare reform. It’s a good thing the Capitol complex has tunnels underneath it so members can avoid these filthy common people.” Heh.

Bachmann Teabag Overdrive: