A Referendum on Obama?

That’s what some boneheads like the interminably dim Justin Hoffer would like people to think about the results of last night’s U.S. elections, but unfortunately, the facts simply don’t bear him out (not that it ever stops nitwits like that from making their ridiculous assertions).

No, fact of the matter is that Obama’s ratings are actually higher now than they were this time last year and, as pointed out by DNC Chairman Kaine, exit polls indicated the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia were based on local issues and candidates (both of whom for the Democrats were absolutely terrible, by the way — an inconvenient little fact never mentioned in the Fox “News” article the Ragin’ Tory cited as his reference point).

As for the Democrats’ historic victory in New York’s 23rd Congressional District (the seat had been Republican since the Civil War), Doug Hoffman did not lose “because of the GOP pushing their RINO candidate so strongly” as Hoffer imaginatively asserts. He lost because: a) he doesn’t even live in the district; b) he had no grasp (or interest) whatsoever in local issues; c) he was a kook who pledged his “sacred honor” to a Fox News talk show host. That, and the fact that Scozzafava (the “RINO”) who dropped out of the race at the last minute threw her support behind the Democrat Owens, even going so far as to make robo-calls on his behalf. As for the GOP having pushed Scozzafava “so strongly” that’s just ludicrous. Aside from obligatory, lukewarm endorsements from Chairman Michael Steele and Minority House Leader Boehner (oh, and the support of Newt Gingrich — for what little that’s worth these days), all of the “star power” in the party was foursquare behind the upstart Conservative candidate Hoffman.

But, as I said, Bloggin’ Tories like young Justin never, ever let pesky ol’ facts get in the way of their pathetic arguments.