H1N1 Emergency “Debate”

Uh oh, seems the Liberals have lapsed back into their solipsistic routine of just showing one side of the so-called “debate” in the House of Commons…

Look, if they don’t like the answers then they shouldn’t bother posting their questions — it’s really just as simple as that. Otherwise, it just makes them appear to be spineless cowards and/or self-serving windbags.

Besides which, this “crisis” over H1N1 is nothing but a lot of overblown hooey and scaremongering media hype. Over 2,700 people died last year of regular old influenza in British Columbia alone… I don’t think people were panicked over that fact in any way at all.

If Harper Was a Tree…

Like many Presidents before him, President Obama planted a commemorative tree on the White House Grounds today. The 25’ Littleleaf Linden replaces an Oak planted by President Harrison in 1889.

So, if we had a similar tradition here in Canada and Stephen Harper was a tree… what kind would he be?

Update: It’s a Tree!

The March of Folly

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on the weekend, former State Department official Matthew Hoh provides a fairly compelling account of not only why the War in Afghanistan is doomed to fail, but how the American and NATO presence in the country is actually a destabilizing influence.

Somewhat related to this, Scott Taylor had an excellent piece in the Chronicle Herald yesterday, injecting a “dose of objective reality” into the notion that “nation building” in Kosovo has been a “success” — this of course is in the context of assertions made by some that the Balkan country was in many respects a better candidate for such an exercise than Afghanistan. Based on Taylor’s dismal assessment however, that certainly doesn’t bode well for the country that’s aptly been named the “graveyard of empires.”

And yet, I believe the AP has been reporting that all indications are that the Obama administration is still going to forge ahead with this insane folly, sending 20-40,000 more troops into the fray. I wonder though if they will be prepared to tell the American people that “victory” can probably never be achieved and a commitment to “nation building” would take at least ten years or more. At a cost of at least $1 billion per month that works out to an additional $120 billion.

Update: Another good discussion on Afghanistan featuring former Marine Corporal Jake Diliberto of Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan on last night’s Larry King Live. Close attention should be paid to the remarks of Gen. Barry McCaffery about the long-term costs involved in prolonging the conflict.

Why Not Glenn Beck?

Honours student Rebecca Bunten died in a tragic car crash yesterday, leaving the nation to wonder why the grisly experience of burning alive was not reserved for Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck.