Jesus Freak @ Bill Maher Show

I guess every town has at least one of these raving lunatics who give religion a bad name. They must make people of faith cringe with embarrassment.


23 Replies to “Jesus Freak @ Bill Maher Show”

  1. The problem is, shouting back at them just convinces them more that the rest of us are eeeevil.

    Yeesh. What a mess.

  2. The problem is, shouting back at them just convinces them more that the rest of us are eeeevil.

    The cable news (and blogging) paradigm in a nutshell.

    Hello, Canadian Cynic!

  3. Unfortunately the right embraces all of these “crazies” with the free speech argument. We SHOULD be able to hear them, however, as they are such “wonderful spokespersons” for the right wing… lol…

    The biggest challenge is the so-called “legit” mouthpieces for the right – which WAY outnumber those of the moderate center and center left… Just glad our “talking heads” aren’t rabid, foaming at the mouth nut-jobs…

  4. WG — It would be wrong to extrapolate too much from this into the political realm. I don’t know any of my “conservative” friends who would embrace this kind of loon as one of their own any more so than some nutjob shrieking at people going to the opera as being “bloodthirsty running dogs of capitalism” or some such thing.

    Sure, it’s free speech, I guess… but to me, more a case harassment and public disorder. I’m actually quite surprised that the Portland police didn’t arrive on the scene to remove this nutjob. Perhaps even our libertarian friends might agree that he was overstepping his bounds in this case in terms of exceeding the limits of free expression.

  5. I am shocked that there was all those people there and no one punched him. No one even threw anything at him, he should probably think long and hard about that. He was not even important enough to get hit.

  6. …these raving lunatics who give religion a bad name.

    Umm…religion gives religion a bad name.

  7. I was expressing the latent Christian ethic in me… Product of many years of “relatively harmless” Anglican Sunday school, you know. 😉

    Not all religion is detestable, but the hostile, offensive variety practiced by this belligerent jackass most certainly is.

  8. I snapped this guy at Edinburgh’s 2001 Pride parade. His stony silence and eerie, unblinking stare was much more unnerving than the nonsensical ravings of the lunatic profiled in that video. Although I do recall the three burly nuns walking ahead of me being none too impressed by him. Their reverent blessings turned the air blue.

  9. As a certain commenter over at Maclean’s pointed out quite nicely (Jack Mitchell for the Maclean’s blog readers), these days it is far more important to have an opinion than to really know anything. This explains the rise of hyperpartisanship. Before, the litmus test was to derive an opinion from an array of objective information that would then logically support your conclusions. That is why the debates of these issues and activism remained in certain specific constituencies of society. Now, every can join in, and in some strange inversion of thinking, it is sufficient to find facts to support your opinion ( which is nothing more than confirmation bias).

    The consequence of that is the conflation between one’s opinion being able to be heard and one’s opinion being sufficiently valid for consideration. To many, they are one in the same and extrapolate such that there is an assume equality even amongst the validity of opinions. Fanatics like this man display a clear narcissism like it is his ‘duty’ to condemn and guilt the heretics so that they might repent. To boot, he most likely thinks that his strong opinion is absolutely and infallibly true for no other reason than his being able to speak loudly of it and have people hear it.

    It is rather funny, but in a bad way; most christian teachings (at least from what I learned in Catholic Sunday School) focuses on self-correction and improvement. Us Catholics love virtue ethics, which make the Church incredibly and annoyingly dogmatic, yet the element of being better person and looking inward was of great importance. However, this supposed inexorable and putatively axiomatic philosophy seems to vanish utterly when it comes to “spreading the word of god.”

  10. let me clarify one sentence: I meant to say “it is sufficient to start off with an opinion then selectively find facts, however, disparate and disjoined to suppor it (which is confirmation bias)”

  11. “The problem is, shouting back at them just convinces them more that the rest of us are eeeevil.”

    and that’s a problem how?


  12. and that’s a problem how?

    Well, you know. It’s makes them want to kill us. And then they do. And then we have to kill them back. And so on and so and before you know it, no one’s having any fun.

  13. I wouldn’t want to supplicate myself before any God that actually thought it worthwhile or necessary to do so. Surely the all-powerful “Creator of the Universe” has better things to do than concern Himself with such trivial formalities…

  14. oh, i’m overstating it, being a wise ass.

    proselytizing douchebags deserve all the frustration that their provocations earn them.


  15. No argument here, but I suspect they thrive off argument and confrontation. Obviously they want to provoke a hostile reaction — which in turn reaffirms their righteousness. They’re real-life trolls.

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