8 Replies to “The Disgraceful Cheney Clan”

  1. I watched Obama’s face during this…and there’s no doubt he is tortured about a decision about Afghanistan and I don’t think it was a photo-op moment. I think it’s more about respect for those that served and putting himself front and centre in making his decision. He looks really tired.

  2. I am sooo fucking tired of the American outrage that emanates from both sides of their not-so-differing political spectrum’s.

  3. How does someone through nearly 8 years of wars they chose(right or wrong) never once go and welcome home the men they sent to thier deaths? I don’t think there is a better definition of coward.

  4. Bush and Cheney had greater respect for the war dead than to make a TV show out of their repatriation. And they met with families of fallen soldiers privately all the time, but correctly left the media out so that the families would not feel used.

    Infotainment on CNN may be all the rage, it got Obama elected, but emoting for the cameras is a real cheap shot, worse than a Bill Clinton.

  5. If they did not believe in making “a TV show out of their repatriation” they still could of gone and paid a little respect in private”. Not that it is a TV show it puts it at a national level so the whole country can see and truely judge the cost.

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