Faux Outrages Du Jour

It’s difficult to understand how spray painting graffiti over an image of an American flag can be considered desecration in the technical sense, but unsurprisingly, the usual suspects are exercised over one of the advertisements submitted to a contest sponsored by the DNC’s Organizing for America project dealing with healthcare reform.

So what is it with Americans and their strange, reverent attachment to their flag, anyway? I’ve always thought the tradition of swearing allegiance to it was very peculiar to say the least. By the way, here in Canada there’s no legal penalty for “desecrating” or “outraging” our flag, but in other countries that’s not the case; some of which might surprise you, like Denmark and Finland.

But that aside, perhaps these folks need to take a deep breath and consider for a moment René Magritte’s brilliant painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”…

And speaking of haywire symbolism, there’s this juvenile bit of sacrilege by Larry David from last week’s Curb Your Enthusiasm that has a lot of folks upset.

I’m sure Bill Donohue must be fuming with indignant fury about it (while secretly delighting in the fact that it will help sales of his new book Secular Sabotage — cha’ching).



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9 responses to “Faux Outrages Du Jour

  1. Ti-Guy

    I don’t understand how flag desecration as an issue can ever be entertained in the US, that bastion o’ free speech, in the first place.

  2. No kidding. Funny how the wingnuts are all about “freedom” and yet want to clamp down whenever they find certain forms of expression distasteful or offensive to their supernatural creed.

  3. counter-coulter

    The same “outraged” group that hurried up and bought their tea-stained flags from Chuck Norris.

  4. Sigh.

    These people should find a lot of outrage at the Tea Party rallies.

  5. False Prophet

    The same “outraged” group that was fine with Bush writing on flags?

    I think that fraud Donahue, AKA “I get upset at things liberals do that go against Catholic doctrine but am strangely silent about things conservatives and the GOP do that go against Catholic doctrine”, has already spouted off against Larry David. I also found the bit infantile and not very funny, but it was a partly effective commentary on the stupidity of pareidolia-related veneration.

  6. Bowler

    Heh. I married into a Catholic family and I found that bit infantile and very funny!

  7. ceci n’est pas un drapeau.


  8. Personally, and speaking as the token reicht-winger, I don’t really get the point of the flag debate in the first place. Free speech is free speech – there’s no point in adding exceptions to the rule if you want to have a rule at all.

    That being said, I laughed at Larry’s – admittedly stupid – little skit. I would have been more impressed by his daring if he’d tried something similar with a depiction of Mohamed, but hey – if he can make the point with a less dangerous religious group, why bother going to any further effort?

  9. *comment-subscription follow-up comment.

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