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Completely Python

I’ve been somewhat distracted over the past few days by the new Monty Python documentary “Almost the Truth” made by the son of Terry Jones that the Bravo! network has been showing, providing as it does wonderful insights into the iconic comedy troupe that I completely idolized as a kid and while this little clip isn’t from that program, it gives some of the flavour of its irreverent reflection on its history and general silliness…

It’s a bit strange watching the films and seeing the clips again, as all the lines come immediately back to mind — especially seeing as I have difficulty remembering much of anything at all these days. As kids however we used to re-enact many of these skits by heart, sometimes even in the shower room after a brutal and invariably filthy game of rugby then doing our best high-pitched, screechy pepperpot imitations to crack one another up…

Anyway, if you want to share your own Python memories, embed favourite Python clips from YouTube in the comments or whatever, feel free to do so


7 Replies to “And Now For Something…”

  1. I loved Python. I did not start watching them until the early ’80’s. At first I could only get it on US public TV. I admit at first it was only because I loved English accents (I did not get over that until I actually lived in England for a while). I became totally addicted to them. I used to drag my friends to all their movies whenever they played at the Princess (do you know that theatre – on Whyte Ave?). We reinacted all the scripts too.

  2. I watched it on Bravo as well tho I don’t recall seeing the Ministry of Silly Walks. Don’t know why, but I just loved that one.

  3. Gayle — Oh yeah, I know The Princess Theatre very well. I used to live down on 99th St. and Saskatchewan Drive for years (in the “Avalon” apartments… a great little Art Deco building owned by a wonderful old battleaxe from Romania or some place like that) and then later on the other side of 82nd Ave. in a fairly decrepit house in Allendale, so we’d often walk to there and watch classic films, especially on Tuesdays when the tickets were cheaper.

  4. I said to the only passenger in First Class…Oh look says here that we have Monty Python on board. Ask him up for Champagne she suggested.
    “Would Monty Python please identify himself to a flight-attendant”
    They all had their hands up….I had a full meal set-up…..So they all came to first class..all the way to Winnipeg..
    It was a riot….I have photographs…..
    We lost their luggage.

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