Adventures with Iggy: Sweater Guy

I really don’t know what to say…

But here’s a question for the kids: What does “Big Bear” think about coercive interrogation in the context of a “lesser evil” moral analysis vis-à-vis the global war on terrorism?

Well, give Ignatieff points for not frightening the children… I guess.



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27 responses to “Adventures with Iggy: Sweater Guy

  1. Lorraine

    It was really quite lame to use the children as photo op props. The adults in the room coached them all to rush Ignatieff and give him a big hug.

    This was so not spontaneous and really phoney. In this day and age of flu bugs don’t you think the parents would be a bit concerned with all this kissing and pawing young children for the cameras by this strange man?

  2. Hmmm. Not sure if I agree with your germophobic take on the photo-op, but I’d certainly concur to the extent that it was a tad creepy and obviously stagy.

    Fact of the matter is that you could throw any adult into that situation… reading a book, being somewhat amiable or whatever, and kids would have loved it — because… they’re kids! “Look, a big person is paying attention to us!!!”

    Exploiting their innocent naivete for no particular reason is kind of sad and manipulative.

  3. MoS

    Hey, by the time those kids are old enough to vote Iggy might have figured out how to lead a national political party.

  4. MoS — You’re wicked.

  5. …give Ignatieff points for not frightening the children…

    I do not know what effect Ignatieff had upon the children, but, by God, he frightened me.

  6. What was so frightening? People forget that Iggy, Layton and May are also parents. Just because their kids have grown up doesn’t mean they don’t know how to deal with kids.

    RT – you’re grumpy lately.

  7. Ti-Guy

    This was so not spontaneous and really phoney.

    You’re a little long in the tooth to be playing the morose teenager, don’t you think?

    In this day and age of flu bugs don’t you think the parents would be a bit concerned with all this kissing and pawing young children for the cameras by this strange man?

    Good Lord. Lighten up, harridan.

    The real downside to your anti-Liberal posts, Red, is that they attract a really low element.

  8. Sandi — Yes, I am a bit grumpy… not in general, because personally, I’m reasonably happy and relatively carefree these days. But when it comes to politics, quite less so. I’m deeply disappointed in the whole fracas and tending towards being more than a tad cynical.

    Is there any reason to feel otherwise? Because I seem to be missing it…

    p.s. I have a pinched ulnar nerve at the moment which makes my left hand almost completely numb (when it doesn’t feel ice cold), peripheral neuropathy in my feet that aches like the Dickens when not doing a “pins and needles” thing on me, and a cracked rib that’s acutely painful and poses some difficulty when breathing in and out, not to mention coughing, which is torture… so my various little ailments may spill over into the posts and comments that I make and translate into a certain degree of miserable distemper.

  9. So then I guess you won’t be supporting the Liberal platform plank to lower the voting age to 3?

  10. Loraine Lamontagne

    Reminds me of Paul Martin. During the 2005-06 campaign he visited a number of daycare centers and the camera caught him a few times on the floor with the kids, pulling a loony from his ear, like a magician. I thought it was hilarious. Iggy is not so natural.

  11. Bob

    Iggy left his kids……………………….ask them what they think of their father.

  12. Jeff — Heh. I was going to suggest that voters should be of reading age, but when it comes to the platforms of the parties at the moment… what difference would it make?

  13. Oh Bob, that’s such a low blow.

    How are your kids? Do you even have any?

  14. austin

    So is this as close to a policy that we are going to get from Iggy?

    And I would say Bob probably does not have children to say something like that.

  15. I have no idea. Does he have actual policy positions? I’ve been told they’re a deep dark secret and can’t possibly be revealed to the public lest the Conservatives attack them and/or make fun of them…

    Great. My response to that is the same as 75% of other Canadians who are fed up with this bullshit.

    It’s great that Ignatieff has maneuvered back into Opposition, but it would be kind of nice if he had anything positive to offer up… As it is, he’s in pretty much the same position as the Republicans downs south. Just saying “no” to everything has kind of a limited appeal. In fact, I believe you’ll find their margins of popularity (or lack thereof) are roughly the same. Coincidence?

  16. austin

    Well he always wanted to be a Republican didn’t he? Or was it just an American? Oh well, hopefully Harper reminds us all again soon.

  17. Grammin

    I never thought i would see the terrible sweaters, military vests and the like of Harper matched, but Iggy is laying waste to King Steve in terms of douche-bag wardrobe choices. I mean honestly…….no one likes you, you present zero in the way of meaningful policy or competent opposition, and you think a Zellers sweater and reading a story to kids in a contrived setting is supposed to make you more likable? Dion was weak but sincere……..Iggy is lame and removed from reality – can they not do better?

  18. austin

    “can they not do better?”

    Well, I hear Trudeau jr. is up next. I mean unless they are serious about Rae, but I don’t think anyone is that stupid.

  19. Grammin

    Ahhhh……a vacuous character who has done nothing in the real world……a younger version of Iggy minus any real credentials or life experience! That’s brilliant!
    Justin! Justin! Justin!

  20. austin

    It’s no different for the cons. When Harper fails again to bring them a majority someone will have to take his place…anyone….anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

  21. …a vacuous character who has done nothing in the real world…

    Yeah, Trudeau fucked the dog for years as a measly high-school teacher–mentoring young people, teaching them to read and to think, that kind of shit. What a loser.

    But a career corporate lobbyist and “think-tank” geek–now there’s an iron man. You can’t come forth from that crucible, by Christ, without knowing how to operate a mean electric pencil sharpener and read a wicked spread-sheet.

  22. Grammin

    A geek perhaps, but having united the right and strategically turned the tables on the Liberals…….no political light-weight I would venture to say. The basement of Conservative support is too high for the Liberals to gain power for years without some kind of merger or coalition. They are toast in rural Canada, they are kaput in BC with a little help from their provincial brethren, and quite honestly they are at risk of becoming a 50-60 seat Party unless they expand beyond their urban support enclaves and do it sooner rather than later.
    So yeah, a high school teacher with a dad half the country hates/d is unlikely to make much of a difference. Oh and the old man’s fan-club are dropping like flies or muttering to themselves while eating pureed carrots in nursing homes nation-wide more and more as time passes.

  23. Oh and the old man’s fan-club are dropping like flies…

    Funny how the old man manages to top every national poll of favourite/most respected past prime ministers.

    …a dad half the country hates/d …

    Alberta and Saskatchewan represent a tenth, not half, of the country. Besides, half the country hates Stephen Harper, which clearly doesn’t stop you from thinking his crap is gold.

    Now that you’ve managed to judge and dismiss a man based on one thing he can’t help–his paternity–please continue down the list of all the things Justin can’t help. You’d better find out his blood type and his diastolic and systolic arterial pressures–just in case they’re as repugnant to you as is the identity of his father.

  24. I don’t know… Justin Trudeau has a lot going for him. He’s fairly intelligent, incredibly good looking (which, let’s face it, doesn’t hurt) fluently bilingual, and knows the ins and outs of power from a rather unique perspective. Sure, his legacy precedes him, but he’s obviously quite cognizant of that. Dion made him run in a difficult riding after all that was by no means a cake-walk. From all accounts he worked damned hard to win his seat. And he seems quite willing to be a team player pay his dues as a backbencher, so what’s the problem?

    As for being “a vacuous character who has done nothing in the real world” that’s just bullshit. SF already pointed out with some degree of sarcasm that he was actually a teacher for a number of years. That’s a pretty “real world” job if ever there was one…

    And if that qualification is so important, the question has to be asked: what did Stephen Harper do in the “real world”? A: Fuck all. Before becoming a professional politician he was a creature of think-tanks and corporate welfare — a paid hack for the business community masquerading under the guise of the National Citizens Coalition.

  25. Sorry to hear about your health problems RT – I’ve got a history of disk problems with my back – I get the numbness in my legs. So, I do understand.

    The sweater thing is not new to Iggy….he’s been wearing them all along at town halls, etc. The media didn’t pay attention to him during these events so it seems new.

    Bob – Iggy did not leave his kids. In fact, he had a huge and emotional battle over custody, but hey, you guys like to make things up. Also, his kids are no longer kids, they are all grown up. His son lives in Toronto and his daughter going to university in Scotland. You are a petty person.

  26. austin

    “Funny how the old man manages to top every national poll of favourite/most respected past prime ministers”

    Was Trudeau not voted the most hated Canadian as well? I think Canadians are just addicted to voting for him, dead or alive.

  27. Navvy

    Ah yes. Austin is no doubt referring to an online poll by The Beaver.

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