WPITW: Orly Taitz Limbaugh!

This is great… Not only does Rush get inadvertently punked by railing against President Obama based on a fictional version of his doctoral thesis lifted from a parody website, but when he finally gets busted for doing so, he nonetheless stands by his prior bloviations on the ground they were entirely valid because… get this — there had to have been an element of truth in the comical spoof to have made it funny in the first place and therefore worthwhile satirizing. Hence… it was essentially TRUE (even though it wasn’t at all).

Now, whatever else you may think about Limbaugh, you’ve got to admit that was nicely played. Which, of course still doesn’t mitigate the fact he’s still an ignorant jackass and, as always, a big fat idiot.


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One response to “WPITW: Orly Taitz Limbaugh!

  1. Paul

    Was the $20K fine enough?

    Maybe when Taitz becomes a real lawyer she will appreciate what just happened. I wonder if she is a mail order bride, just like her law degree? She is perfect reporter material for “Fake News”, where unfounded rumors and innuendo reign supreme , unlike a our US courts of law, where you need to present documented facts, not half baked lies (prepare for more failures).

    When flies get too close to the lights they get burned, Taitz just got burned, thing is, like a fly she will continue, no end in sight. Poor little Birthers they are haters not debaters.

    A lawyer, dentist, realtor and black belt, wow I must say a JACK of all trades master of none.

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