Siding with the Geeks

How “Alice in Wonderland” is it that the man who until quite recently couldn’t even use a computer without his wife’s assistance is now telling American’s how to craft the future direction of the Internet with a piece of legislation that completely turns the idea of net neutrality on its head?

Rachel Maddow talks to Boing Boing editor and partner Xeni Jardin (great name) about the perversely named Internet Freedom Act of 2009 currently being pushed in Congress by Sen. John McCain — who just happens to be “the single largest Congressional recipient of campaign contributions from the telecom industry from Jan. 2007-June of this year.” Gosh, what a coincidence.



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4 responses to “Siding with the Geeks

  1. Navvy

    It really is amazing how transparent the American system is, and yet the politicians just don’t give a shit. I mean, for a normal person, having people make the link between hundreds of thousands of dollars given to you by an industry and then acting on their behalf would be a bit embarassing. I guess you just convince yourself that what the industry wants is the right thing to do for the people.

  2. We sure could use a Rachel Maddow here.

  3. Not to mention that this is the same guy who crusaded for campaign finance reform! WTF? Errr, it’s so maddeningly stupid sometimes.

    I really can relate sometimes to the anti-government sentiments of the teabaggers and that ilk when you see stuff like this going on. (Which basically, is all the time, given the way the system is structured… What are there in D.C. …something like 30,000 lobbyists? Think about that.)

  4. CWTF

    And yet, Canada is ahead as the CRTC gave up Net Neutrality to Bell and other telcos….

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