Real Time: New Rules

This is actually from last week, so if you’ve perhaps seen it already, my apologies. If not… enjoy.

It was the last episode of the year, evidently.

“And speaking of opportunity… have you heard this broad — Michele Bachman? The floor of a cave called — it wants its batshit back. And speaking of batshit, to reiterate my theme, if Obama hadn’t been elected would we have ever seen Glenn Beck cry on TV? On a park bench, while masturbating sure… but not on TV. And was there any better TV than watching this weepy, wonderful, special-needs cousin of Rush Limbaugh — angry one moment, then frightened, scolding, sobbing… We loved him because we’ve all known someone just like him; usually an ex-girlfriend.”

And while we’re on the topic of escapees from the monkey-house, George W. Bush is now embarking on a career as a motivational speaker. Doubtless much hilarity will ensue.

6 Replies to “Real Time: New Rules”

  1. I got them all wrong. But I really don’t buy his story about Des Moines. It’s just speculation.

    In any case hoaxes, like lies, just tend to go in one ear and out the other with me. I don’t have the type of brain that easily remembers things that never happened.

  2. I can’t possibly imagine what the man has to say about motivation that would be worth listening to. Not to mention paying several thousand dollars for the privilege. It’s beyond absurd.

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