Death Panels

Apparently, they’re perfectly acceptable when they come in the form of a private insurance company seeking to eliminate risk and maximize profits on behalf of shareholders by purging high-cost “dogs” from their bottom line…



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14 responses to “Death Panels

  1. Ted

    It is stunning to me that the Obama administration hasn’t made this type of story a more central part of its argument, its narrative, for reform. Or the many like it: the man who has paid all his premiums but has a heart condition, needs heart drugs and who loses his job and can’t get insurance anywhere; the kid who has some genetic disorder and is trying to get insurance for the first time; etc.

    The story for healthcare reform is so easy to tell. It is stunning that they have handled the messaging so poorly on such an important file.

  2. Agreed. The way they’ve marketed this is beyond pathetic. As you said, it’s not a difficult story to tell. And millions of Americans have experienced it.

    But this cuts to the chronic problem Lib/Dems have when communicating — they’re so wrapped up in the policy end of things and intellectualizing everything six ways to Sunday, that they fail utterly at speaking on a gut-level to people in ways they can appreciate.

  3. Ted

    Absolutely! If I have said that once, I’ve honestly said it a million times.

    If cons tilt too far in demonizing “intellectuals” and, frankly, “intelligence”, it is just as much because “intellectuals” can speak but they can’t f**king communicate.

  4. Quite so.

    Less speaking… more communicating.

  5. It is stunning that they have handled the messaging so poorly on such an important file.

    To be fair, Obama would have been pilloried as “anti-American” by GOP fanfarons and their powerful media lickspittles had he premised his reforms on an acknowledgment that the U.S. system is deeply flawed. It’s deucedly difficult to offer radical measures (which, given American cultural predilections, a public health-care option really is) whilst you’re simultaneously insisting that Americans already have the best of everything.

    You just don’t fuck with the American Way, man–even when you’re its president.

  6. Ah, yes… The “BEST healthcare system IN THE WORLD!!!” Kind of hard to launch anything off the mark from that initial standpoint. (Even though in reality, it actually ranks #37 or some damn thing… just slightly ahead of Slovenia, I believe.)

  7. counter-coulter

    SF is kinda on the right track. The issue has been that the Repubs have been doing so much Socialist/Red baiting that the mere mention of the government offering anything causes conniption fits.

    As usual the squeakiest wheels among us drown out the majority of those that want said government assistance.

    I’ve always found it amazing at how the Repubs are able to convince people that voting against their own interest is somehow a good thing. Your clip even proves that point. When those on the right wail that they “don’t want the government to come between them and their doctor” all the while they have the insurance company right there in-between them. Or that they “don’t want rationing” again, the insurance companies deny care all the time.

    The good thing that’s happening is that it is slowly starting to come around. Where those on the left are starting to get heard and the polling is reflecting that people are starting to understand the benefits of government regulation.

  8. Ti-Guy

    Did you listen to last week’s This American Life, Red? The segment on the battle between insurance companies and drug companies, involving co-pays and coupons (with neither doctors nor clients understanding exactly what it was they were involved in) left me speechless.

  9. counter-coulter

    T-G: I happened to hear that just the other day on NPR here in the states. My only beef with the Doctors was that they shouldn’t be that surprised to learn at how bad big pharma screws over everyone. Especially considering at how heavily courted doctors are by big pharma (extremely expensive dinner “parties”, etc) to recommend their drug over generics.

  10. I think the right has overplayed their hand.

    It only took driving the economy into the ditch to the tune of a trillion dollars or so, a couple of pointless multi-billion/trillion wars lasting for the better part of a decade in god-forsaken countries on the other side of the planet that nobody gives a tinkers cuss about, hundreds of thousands of people being forced out of their homes, millions of workers driven into unemployment… But finally…! The majority of people are at last “getting it” — that the sole concern of these miserable, intellectually depraved, self-aggrandizing, morally debauched, hell-for-leather fuckwads has nothing whatsoever to do with the things of importance to them, and that all of the unctuous, condescending rubbish (“family values”!) these sanctimonious asswipes relentlessly prattle on about is, in fact, nothing but cynical cant.

  11. Ti-Guy — To be honest, no I hadn’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet. But I will… in my blogging “hiatus”. Sounds very intriguing.

  12. counter-coulter

    All I can say is that thank God we (the U.S.) don’t have a bunch of government bureaucrats rationing our health care.

  13. I think they’re right:
    “We don’t condone this language and it does not represent our company.”

    You’re right. It represents your entire industry.

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