Now the party’s over, I’m so tired. Then I see you coming… out of nowhere — much communication in a motion; without conversation, or a notion.

I’ll be off for several days, but feel free to use this as an open thread if you want for whatever purpose in the meantime. Play nice, don’t be overly rude and try to get along if you possibly can.


45 Replies to “Avalon…”

  1. Don’t know if you saw this before, but it’s hysterical:

    It is the year 2011. The United States has become saturated with suspicion and unrest. Since early 2010, President Barack Obama, President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, and Prime Minister Stephan Harper of Canada have been conducting private meetings with each other and various political heads of the U.N. None of the meetings are open to the media, let alone the public.

    I knew it!! I’ve got my eye on you Canada. Oh yeah, and what’s with your spelling it Stephen?

  2. Here’s my contribution. Submitted for your approval–footage of Senator Al Franken dispassionately, methodically demolishing a Hudson Institute hack who argues that nationalised health-care causes massive personal bankruptcies:

  3. SF — Excellent. I’m so glad that Al finally won that election.

    Here’s a somewhat extended version of that hearing featuring and exchange with Elizabeth Edwards about medical bankruptcies and the “homestead exemption” clause…

    That piece of legislation from 2005 was possibly one of the most evil bills that ever passed through Congress. Essentially a punitive measure carried out at the behest of the credit card companies. I hope Joe Biden loses sleep every night over the harm he’s helped inflict on untold thousands of families in order to service his corporate patrons in Delaware (which, as you presumably know, is a veritable haven for unregulated financial entities…)

  4. Faggot Vic Toews and Fagoot Harper and his faggot police have got me mildly considering posting what I know about future bioterror blueprints online in the weeks ahead.

  5. Don’t worry RT, wouldn’t post anything specific on this site. Prolly wouldn’t even be noticed given combatitive nature here. Now to spam MPs and see if I can provoke my own arrest…

  6. I hate the F-word. Can’t you come up with something more inventive?

    If anyone has alternative suggestions, that could provide an amusing tangent for this thread…

  7. Phillip — Don’t be spamming and trying to get arrested…

    It’s been quite a while, but trust me on this one (speaking as someone with multiple criminal records for various infractions); you won’t enjoy going through the “justice” mill. Not fun in the least bit. Don’t go there…

  8. “Not fun in the least bit.”

    That would be the whole point. I’m too nice to kill everyone right now.

  9. …based on their last election platform of placing 14 yr olds in adult prisons, I just assumed V.Toews and S.Harper were…

  10. Phillip — I’m too nice to kill everyone right now.

    Well that’s good to hear… I guess. Although it does carry with it some implicit threat of violence at a later date when you may not be so nice.

    The whole “law and order” plank of the Conservatives’ platform is extremely disingenuous. And it’s unfortunate that discussions about criminality in our society always seem to sink to this lowest common denominator of wayward “youth” and figuring out the best ways to punish them in order to send a strong message or whatever.

    Somehow it just seems to miss the boat in terms of rectifying the problem. It may be a terribly “liberal” POV, but we have to consider the root causes and try to address those factors in an effective manner. Fact of the matter is that crime rises and falls in accordance with the economy, so harsher sentences, mandatory minimums, etc. aren’t really going to affect that — they’re remedies designed to treat the symptoms and not the causes.

    I really don’t know what politicians consistently get this wrong. Well, no… that’s not entirely true — I know exactly why they do. Because it’s far easier to focus on punishment as a supposed means of curtailing crime rather than preventing or short-circuiting it in the first place.

    Too bad the Liberals and NDP have pretty much signed on to this post facto approach to dealing with crime rather than sticking to their ideological principles of addressing “first causes” and providing remedies to prevent its initial incidence.

  11. I can’t find a current Parliament mailing list, so I’m about to spam Con blogs with some generalized bioterror stuff. I think I’ve enough memorized at least for a decade of bioterror brainstorming. If anyone can think of a reason not to that doesn’t strengthen my resolve before I beat 14-2 Patriots with Lions using no cheap TE corner routes, let me know. Harper and Po-Po, all I wanted was some reefer. Fuck.
    Was planning on learning whether fossil aquifers could be replenished with an oil level of funding and infrastructure. Now I’m thinking of a different way of addressing GHGs.

  12. If “Phillip Huggan” is, as I suspect, the voiced output node of Cyclops64’s latest homo-mimetic syntactic generation program, the system’s entire architecture urgently requires a from-scratch re-conception—with somewhat more attention given to the key semantic dimension of human linguistic competence.

  13. Thx, but I was looking for a list. Funny, every Senator has their last name or first initial and last name as email contact and Harper-appointed illiterate J.Demers has “tessil” as email contact basis. I assume I’ll have to draw a picture of me sober and everyone else getting fever or something. No, I think I prefer bioterror suggestions on blogging tory websites. With some THC I’d be immune to these thoughts….

  14. PH’s rants do seem a tad garbled, don’t they? Not sure if that’s the result of a misfiring “homo-mimetic syntactic generation program” but the suggestion isn’t altogether implausible.

  15. PH — I can’t condone such nonsense, but knock yourself out, I guess. Bioterrorism , spamming… Seems like a complete waste of time and effort to me. Why not try doing something a bit more constructive?

  16. …but the suggestion isn’t altogether implausible.

    IBM appears to have designed a CPU that functions on marijuana rather than electricity, if the voice’s constant requests for THC inputs are a reliable indication. Aside from its obvious environmental benefits, this breakthrough might allow the design team to create an opium-driven processor, which would finally provide Afghanistan with a desperately needed legitimate economy.

  17. Red my best path out of poverty is a small biz, but surprisingly tough to brainstorm. I like manufacturing cheap accelerometers (measures wind speed for turbine placement), 1/5 existing $15000/pop suppliers, but is few monopoly utility purchasers. After around 200 resumes I know I’m destined for prison or a shelter long-term. If Vegas full-pay poker isn’t crooked I thought I had a winning $10/hr income source but USA thought I was terrorist or drug dealer last attempted entry.

    I realized instead of starting a family and being evil, I could fight evil by reading stuff that didn’t pay well. Now today the slogan “bioterror the rich” looks appealing. Stared at the abyss of AB for too long I guess.

  18. Meanwhile down in Maine, there at least one man who, even at the age of 86, gives hope that the wisdom of his generation is not lost and outclasses his republican brethern:

  19. Spekaing of Al, here’s a clip of him grilling a KBR/Haliburton lawyer about their mandatory policy of secret, binding arbitration. In this case, involving a woman who was gang raped by fellow employees while serving in Iraq:

  20. JKG — I had actually bookmarked that for later posting, but thanks for including it here now. That was a very moving speech from the heart by the elderly gentleman from Maine about the importance of equality.

  21. KEv — I used to have a few solo albums by Manzanera… he was/is awesome — and especially in conjunction with some of my faves such as Whetton, Cale, Eno, Finn, et. al.

    “Avalon” is great, but I like the previous one, “Flesh and Blood” a little more for entirely personal reasons. It reminds me of dancing on the tables late at night at a downtown café back in the day…

  22. I used to be afraid of posting about a WHO rapid response force because of dual nature quality. But now without bud that will maybe be a weekend Blogging Tories project…

  23. About that second Franken clip–holy shit…no, really…holy shit, does Franken ever rip De Bernardo a new blowhole. Just call him the “Senate Committee Terminator”…

  24. Oh, shucks, sorry to jump the gun on you like that RT.

    I actually got that link from my Facebook network. It seems to include a lot of people who keep themselves informed of a very wide variety of subjects (I even have at least a young, dedicated acolyte from each political party which shamefully feeds my cynicism!), so the general feed tends turn into a little newsfeed of very interesting tidbits of information. It certainly is better than a lot the crap that gets posted. As much as I find people interesting, their nocturnal dietary needs or surprisingly frank accounts of their nocturnal wanton behaviour and reports on every movement of their pet kitty cat are not exactly off the wall revelations that should preoccupy my time.

    As a person who actually knew what the world was like pre-internet or pre-google for that matter and the constant yet legitimate reminders about the privacy issues of what the internet would bring, the amount of openness of the cohort after me continually surpasses my expectations. I don’t think most of them know the gravity of leaving their personal life so open, especially when they cannot realize that posting a picture of themselves three sheets to wind could possibly affect their employment prospects.

  25. But yes, I thought that speech was very moving, and demonstrative of just how such person with a long and challenged history had the serenity and wisdom to understand the importance of compassionately understanding the other (to borrow from Mr. Saul himself) as a person worthy of the equal freedoms for which he fought so hard.

  26. Garbled or not, misfiring “homo-mimetic syntactic generation program” or not ……….

    Seriously, am I the only one offended that one of our Senators can’t read?? – is an uncalled for and meanspirited lie.

  27. JKG — As much as I find people interesting, their nocturnal dietary needs or surprisingly frank accounts of their nocturnal wanton behaviour and reports on every movement of their pet kitty cat are not exactly off the wall revelations that should preoccupy my time.

    Uh oh, don’t read my Twitter feed then… where I talk about such vital matters as the weather, my various aches & pains, and the activities of my wife’s cat, amongst other things of terribly great importance. 😉

  28. SF — It’s certainly a nice change to see someone on the committee side not tolerate the outrageous bullshit some of these so-called “experts” from various Beltway think-tanks frequently peddle in their testimony before Congress. The whole concept that medical bankruptcies would increase if a “public option” were to be introduced into the healthcare system is not only factually challenged, it’s beyond ridiculous.

    I should see if Franken has a YouTube channel or possibly check out his official site. I’d love to see more of him eviscerating these corporate shills masquerading as academics.

  29. JKG — But yes, I thought that speech was very moving…

    Well said. The man was, as they say, an unimpeachable source and it would certainly be interesting to see his testimony challenged in any way by those still adhering to bigoted, largely faith-based opinions on the issue.

  30. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Demers

    It’s no lie, Sassy. Our Science Minister is a creationist. That’s not a lie either. Our PM is a Chicago School proponent, the same ideology that caused this recession and that would’ve led to another Great Depression if his Fox News buddies had the White House. Wpg South CPC MP R.Brooneige has a Sarin Palin 2012 poster on his webpage, cheerleading death-panel myth for no reason other than pure ideology while the Liberal candidate singlehandedly built Wpg’s health park, a nest of boomer servicing companies that may be the finest in the land per taxdollar spent. Our Health Minister’s initial reaction to Swine Flu was to question federal funding of cheap soap: pure retardology. If Neocons want human extinciton via AGW why shouldn’t I race them with a pandemic? Only rich people can annihilate the species? Fuck that, that’s fascist.

  31. “pure retardology”… LOL I’ll have to remember that one for future use.

    There’s certainly a distinct current of backward thinking and strange economic ideology (now largely discredited by events) that runs through the Conservative Party. For the most part, however, they do a pretty good job of suppressing or hiding it except when, from time to time, the mask slips a bit and they inadvertently disclose their odd prejudices and kooky notions.

    p.s. Neocons don’t want “human extinction”… they may be wrong-headed, but I don’t think they’re deliberately evil. In fact, if we’re to be technically correct here, they’re misguided “liberals” along the lines of Woodrow Wilson who feel the need to “liberate” people from the shackles of tyranny and oppression. Unfortunately, however, the means of doing this quite frequently involves warfare and violence. It’s a bit contradictory…

  32. Red:

    I was amused by the Coulter appearance you linked to on your Twitter feed. Did you hear the neocon cricket refer to American presidential assassins as having been all “left-wing” and “communists” (with Behar neglecting to contest the assertion)? So, I guess that would include the pro-Confederate John Wilkes Booth…right, Ann?

    Really–isn’t it time relatively reasonable Americans (like The View producers) stripped Coulter of the thin shreds of legitimacy she managed to hold onto during the Bush era?

  33. …”pure retardology”… LOL I’ll have to remember that one for future use

    My own favourite was “Sarin Palin”. I take it that refers to necon soccer-mom cluelessness weaponized as a gaseous neurotoxin…

  34. Yeah, I noticed that Sarin Palin too, but wasn’t sure if it was deliberate or not. In any case quite funny.

    Re the Behar/Coulter thing, she did express her scorn at Ann’s pathetic attempt to lump Communists/Anarchists, etc. and murderous presidential assassins all together as “liberals”… I think perhaps the reason she didn’t get more particular in her objection to the idea was that it was simply too ridiculous to bother giving it any more attention than it deserved — which was none.

  35. I think perhaps the reason she didn’t get more particular in her objection to the idea was that it was simply too ridiculous to bother giving it any more attention than it deserved — which was none.

    I’m actually pretty sure it was also because Behar didn’t exactly know if what Coulter was asserting was true or not. And since it’s apparently a crime for people to ask these people simple questions “How do you do know this? or “On what evidence do you base that claim?” they keep getting away with this shit.

  36. PH – your comment that I did not care for referred to a Senator not a Minister and your link refers to 2005. It is now 2009.

    Look, I am no fan of the conservatives but I do admire someone who has the courage to publicly admit their short comings and to address them.

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