Sick Puppies…

Or should that be sick poppy? George Bush (#41, not to be confused with #43, the gibbering idiot that he sired… the one with misplaced delusions of grandeur and kooky, evangelical aspirations), speaking at Texas A&M last week to celebrate the anniversary of his now obscure, laughably feeble “thousand points of light” initiative (think about that for a second… what is 330 million divided by a thousand?*), took the opportunity (when not apologizing for his “ass e-mail” promoting the event), to lash out at the vituperative incivility of left-wing pundits like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Which, naturally prompted the following responses from the aforementioned far-left loons:

Shouldn’t GHWB just be spending his sunset time at Walker’s Point… Oh, I dunno; fishing, painting, or perhaps writing thrilling adventure novels? I mean, good grief — next to his son, this addlepated old man was one of the dumbest presidents in the history of the United States of America. A nice enough fellow perhaps (you know, when not targeting people for assassination and such)… but otherwise, thick as a fucking brick.

*A drop in the bucket. Although, technically speaking, it works out to 330,000, which is about the population of Lexington, Kentucky. Woo-hoo!

10 Replies to “Sick Puppies…”

  1. The irony? That so many on the right who have libertarian tendancies can support a man who, truly, did so much more to piss on the Constitution of the United States Richard M. Nixon ever did.

    That GHWB did not go to jail, along with fellow conspirator Oliver North, is truly a tragedy for all of those who served their country and who in fact died supporting the fundamental concept that the government exists “for the people.”

  2. ..and to refer to him as “nice” is to buy into the veneer that he so carefully crafted to hide a heart as cold and calculating as Machiavelli on his worst day.

  3. Took them long enough to find the courage to assert that FoxNews is not a news agency.

    It’s too late. You can’t even discuss the difference between news and propaganda with right wingers anymore. They simply can’t tell the difference. At best they just revert to explaining FoxNews’s vitality in terms of commercial success and point to its ratings.

    Why should I, as a consumer care about its ratings?

  4. Rob — You’re quite right. I just didn’t see the need to flog a nearly dead horse.

    Amazing though how some right-wingers have completely blocked out the whole Contra scandal from their minds. Imagine if Clinton had been found to be covertly trading with the Iranian regime of the day and funneling weapons to terrorists in Central America? Instead, they spent years and millions of dollars to produce the prurient Starr Report that was little more than a soft-core pornography novel.

  5. No kidding. I think he’s encumbered to the extent of making it completely impossible to ever make a serious run at the White House. Better to just get a position as a useless, but name-worthy director on a thousand corporate boards and live a quiet life in the Hamptons or wherever…

  6. Instead, they spent years and millions of dollars to produce the prurient Starr Report that was little more than a soft-core pornography novel.

    This brings to mind a comment Noam Chomsky made during that Commonweath Club interview you referred to the other day. Although he argued (as he often does, not always convincingly, I tend to think) that society is more civilised than it was 60 (or whatever) years ago, he had some hesitation saying the same thing about the elites.

    To my mind, how the American Right right went after Clinton over the blowjob was in fact worse than the Iran-Contra affair, which at least could be understood as part of the Cold War campaign against eeevil communism.

  7. I have to confess that I wasn’t following politics that closely at the time, but the whole dreary inquisition into Clinton’s sordid affairs mystified and appalled me. It really brought things to a new low in terms of personal destruction and was just revolting. No wonder that almost half of Americans (we’re not much better in that regard) can’t even be bothered to vote.

    As for Chomsky’s contention that we’re a more civil society than was the case decades ago, well you’d have to have actually experienced it at that time in order to contrast it to the present, which you and I aren’t really in a position to do, so I’ll defer in this case to his argument. I think perhaps that beyond all the sound and fury on cable news and AM hate radio, we may well be a more decent and “civil” society in many respects.

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