What You Get is No Tomorrow…

Author and “Nerdfighter” John Green discusses what the sad story of the Heene family says about the lame yet almost universal yearning for fame and attention.

(John is badly in need of a haircut, by the way… He’s in serious danger of looking like a Troll doll)

Meanwhile, over at Fox News, they’re having frantic conniptions about the local county Sheriff having “lied” to the media. Shock!

Too bad they weren’t similarly outraged when the Bush administration lied the country into a pointless, trillion dollar war in Iraq… Well, it’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.

Wacky Family Update: The endless douchebaggitude continues…

After the Hollywood gossip Web site TMZ.com reported that the Heenes had been “pitching a reality show about the wacky family,” one of the networks mentioned — TLC, which produces the show “Jon and Kate plus 8” — told CNN that “they approached us months ago, and we passed.”

Sad… truly sad.



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14 responses to “What You Get is No Tomorrow…

  1. Ti-Guy


    Anyway, I recommend this week’s This American Life. It’s their second program on health care. The segment featuring the hedgehog on anti-psychotic medication is hilarious. 😉

  2. sassy

    Richard Heene and Fox, a good match.

  3. Ti-Guy — That’s my next stop after Le Show. 😉

  4. And then there is wonderful video of Balloon Boy’s manly-man rap song where he advocates killing gay people near 2:40.

    Lovely family.

  5. D’oh!

    It would all be pretty harmless stuff, I guess, if not part of what seems to be a methodical agenda by this attention-getting Dad to catapult his family into the realm of “John & Kate + 8” or that whole awful stratosphere of “reality” TV shows.

    But wrong on all kinds of levels…

    Maybe this is a good thing though. Perhaps it’s the death-knell of these terribly corrosive “reality” programs that feed off the pathetic desire of “ordinary” people desperate for attention (Warhol’s prophetic “15 minutes of fame” come to life — now in extended DVD format!) and other such two-way forms of cynical exploitation. I doubt it, however…

    As for the lyrics in question that you rightly find objectionable, do you honestly think that these kids have the slightest clue what they’re “rapping” about? No, of course not… Which only speaks to the insane depravity and moral lassitude of the parents who would, for their own completely self-serving reasons, sponsor and encourage such reprehensible behaviour.

    I don’t know how this guy and his wife can make adequate restitution (aside from the money ostensibly owed to the various agencies that were sucked into his hoax for the money expended on this foolish lark — although that’s perhaps not entirely fair either because the law enforcement folks would have been “on the job” in any case, dealing with one thing or another had not the “balloon boy” appeared on the scene), but some major community service should maybe involved to set things right. What that might consist of could be a source of some amusement…

  6. I completely agree that the kids don’t know what they are rapping at that age.

    I think the restitution is going to be a prison sentence. The charges mentioned include several felonies – including lying to law enforcement.

  7. I don’t know what good a prison sentence would do. Complete waste of the taxpayers’ money, imho. Better instead to put the guy to work doing something useful for the community he defrauded. Why break up their family and throw the guy in jail? Pointless.

    The penal system should be reserved for actual criminals — not idiots.

  8. Yeah, but Colorado is a “tough on crime” state… (and Canada wants to follow in their footsteps.)

  9. Yeah, yeah… I know.

    My sense of “crime and punishment” is quite out of step with the supposed “mainstream” of thought in this regard. I happen to think that simply locking people up behind bars for their boneheadedness is a complete waste of time, effort and money.

    To me, criminality requires some degree of malice. In the absence of that, legal infractions can be dealt with in more, um, creative ways that get the point across without causing harm but still achieving the goal of reform and restitution.

    p.s. Is no one going to give me props for quoting Bowie in the title to this post? Sheesh!

  10. At least, it’s better than ‘we can be heroes …’

  11. Pe-shah! I LOVE that song.

    We can be heroes…. just for one day. Or we can beat them — forever and ever…

  12. Is no one going to give me props for quoting Bowie in the title to this post?

    The Heene family and their bizarrerie put me more in mind of “Scary Monsters (and Super Freaks)”, frankly…

  13. this story needs theme music:


  14. counter-coulter


    October 19, 2009 at 6:38 am I don’t know what good a prison sentence would do. Complete waste of the taxpayers’ money, imho.

    My first thought once I heard about the maroon and his family. Talk about adding insult to injury to the taxpayers. First this family screws the tax payers who pay for the law enforcement that was used to search for their kid, then same law enforcement gets to punish the tax payers a second time for prosecuting these idiots and putting their kids in to protected custody.

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