Kissing in Cowtown

Gays and Evangelicals face off at the Fort Worth, Texas stockyards.

Priceless quote from gay cowboy Matt Pope: “There’s no need for overdoing it. You shouldn’t have to force it down somebody’s throat.” Indeed.



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5 responses to “Kissing in Cowtown

  1. Tomm

    This stuff is just too weird to make up.

    Matt Pope certainly got the line of the night.

  2. LOL. Though the report bugged me by implying that heterosexual families are the “wholesome”ones.

  3. Dan — Good catch. I missed that.

    Goes to show how bias can manifest itself. Rather innocently in this case (I’m sure), but nonetheless…

  4. jkg

    Falsely associating a moral value system with ones sexual orientation, I must wonder just how the Enlightened western thought hadn’t yet weed such ridiculousness out of the general rational thinking of the supposed ‘informed’ society. The hilarity (or depressing hypocrisy) of the situation is that should one interpolate from the general statistics, namely divorce rate and adult entertainment consumption (a now more mainstream and multi billion dollar industry in the US alone) of heterosexual males, a number of those “wholesome” families probably has at least one parent who is cheating on their spouse or another has a library of Adult media that would make the National Archives look like a newsstand at your corner convenience store.

  5. JKG — Unfortunately, this hackneyed association between sexual orientation and morality is as old as the hills and twice as boring.

    Empirically speaking, the two things have nothing whatsoever to do with one another, but over the millennia have become inextricably intertwined in the fabric of our conventional Judeo-Christian (and Muslim) narratives for various reasons.

    All these deeply ignorant protesters waiving their signs in the name of Jesus might want to consider that the purported Son of God had nothing at all to say about this so called immoral “sin”…

    And yes, there is the usual boatload of massive hypocrisy involved on the part of those presuming to represent the “sanctity of marriage” and “wholesome family values” considering that half of them get divorced and the remainder are enthusiastic consumers of porn and goodness knows what else…

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