Moon Bombing

Live coverage starts in 15 minutes…

Not quite sure what the point of the lunar impact mission is (exploration of polar craters and searching for water and/or hydrated minerals, apparently), but it should be interesting. Too bad clouds here are threatening to obscure the view.

Update: Well, that a bit disappointing. LOS just before impact.

2 Replies to “Moon Bombing”

  1. Yes, but water than can be “used as fuel”…

    Really? How curious. Could such technology be applied here on planet Earth? Most of our planet is water, after all. Such a pity that all of our MASSIVE tidal energy cannot possibly be harnessed.

    So never mind the water, what would be totally cool is if they could mine coal on the Moon, turn it into electricity and somehow funnel it back to Earth… Now that would be a totally perfect arrangement.

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