Why Do Republicans Support Rape?

Seems like a ridiculous question, doesn’t it? But maybe not so much when you consider the fact that 30 Republican Senators voted against an amendment proposed by Sen. Franken that would withhold defense contracts from companies like KBR “if they restrict their employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery and discrimination cases to court.”

More information, links and so on about the case in question and the amendment at Think Progress.

If ever there was a bright line in terms of the difference between Democrats and Republicans (in general — to be entirely fair, the amendment passed by a vote of 68-30 with the help of 10 Republicans), this may be one of them. And, I might note, another big thumbs up to Franken for extending the right to due process of law for victims of rape and discrimination.

22 Replies to “Why Do Republicans Support Rape?”

  1. Why are Liberals in support of stealing?

    True.. not EVERY Liberal stole from Canadians to feather their nests, Lise Thibault was a good Liberal, appointed to her former post by Jean Chretien.. and, gee, there were a lot of other thieves involved in the Sponsorship fiasco.. and Jean Chretien DID sell Digby Wharf to his good supporter Ralston MacDonnell for $1.00 and gave him another $3 million, with no accountability for what he did with it..

    Sorry. But it’s not so much that I disagree with the question of how Republicans support a company who doesn’t protect its employees.. it’s just the sort of broad generalization. You can see how it can irritate.

    Not that I have a lot good to say myself about Republicans broadly speaking.

    But.. you get my point I guess.

  2. Yes, I get your point. And mine was that it’s note entirely fair to paint with a broad brush. To me, this amendment should have been a no-brainer. But still, 30 Republicans voted against it and there were some abstentions on both sides too…

    As for Liberals stealing, I assume you’re referring to some Ad-Scam related thing. Well, my position on that has always been clear. The people involved were engaged in criminal activity and should be treated as such. Which, I believe, many of them have been. It always struck me as an egregious waste of money at the time and then to find that services weren’t even delivered for the bills issued just added insult to injury.

    That said. Get over it. We’re talking about the here and now.

  3. It’s probably “the hand that feeds” their constituencies. E.g. those 30 Republicans might lose defense contracts in their ridings. National defense and employment trump employee rights, for them. Ho hum, happens all the time I expect.

  4. To Rob: this isn’t a generalization. 75% of the Republican Party Senate members voted in favor of contracting out to companies that explicitly deny their employees the right to sue in response to a rape. (Which KBR was partly responsible for due to their failure to create a safe workplace)

    Since 75% is a majority, and there is absolutely no reason to contract out to a business like that, it’s safe to say that the Republicans’ vote as a whole pretty much justified sweeping rape under the rug when it comes to business. Thus the question, “Why Do Republicans Support Rape?”

    From what we’ve seen here, there’s nothing outrageous about that question. (Even if it is polemical and attention-grabbing)

  5. I don’t think you can compare an Congressional vote on a legal matter, to underhanded and covert theft by a group of individuals in a provincial wing of a federal party. It’s not like the Liberals held a vote on a law that said that theft is okay.

    Apples and oranges.

  6. Dan — Quite so. It’s an entirely false comparison attempting to equate the two things that are actually dissimilar. But unfortunately this is what our political discourse has become these days where everything is a tit-for-tat argument.

  7. “You can see how it can irritate.”

    Your argument doesn’t irritate me as much as surprise me that your example is remarkably flaccid compared to previous arguments.

  8. What the hell does the rape issue have to do with adscam? That’s the “plan” – Cons trolls (probably by instruction) are going to bring it up at every chance they get.

    O/T – but really, until that money is found you can say anyone is guilty – it has to be proven, but hey, Harper and his gang feel allegations or suspicions are enough.

    I’m not saying they didn’t or did steal – because I just know, nor does anyone else.

    It’s now 2009 and the Liberals have different players now. Should we blame Harper for Mulroney’s corrruption?

    I guess with Republicans, women are still second class citizens and money is the most important thing – you know, that family values stuff.

  9. Fact of the matter is that some people just HATE liberals and can never get over AdScam. It’s like a talisman of everything they despise about the Libs. Forgive and forget…? Not a chance. They’ll suck on that bitter pill forever and a day.

    They really need to get over it and move on.

  10. Why do Republicans support rape = Paul Martin supports child pornography

    “Never hate your enemies. It clouds your judgement”
    Michael Corleone

  11. Sandi — I’ve just never seen the point of bitter enmity. I would prefer to reach a point where we can agree to disagree and feel comfortable going for a beer afterwards, or whatever. There are some exceptions to the rule of course, but in general, that’s my feeling. Certainly amongst the folks that congregate here for whatever reason. If I can’t persuade by way of reason then maybe there’s no middle ground or reconciliation to be had. And if that’s the actually the case, then it’s time to let the dispute go and move on to other matters.

    And yes, there’s a very real downside to making enemies. You may indeed need them at some point in the future.

  12. I know I’m going on a tangent away from the GOP supporting rape topic (but then this has already meandered significantly) but a couple of quotes I like RT:

    “And yes, there’s a very real downside to making enemies. You may indeed need them at some point in the future.”

    So true, kind of like how Harper needs those socialists and separatists to pass his legislation now.

    “Forgive and forget…? Not a chance. They’ll suck on that bitter pill forever and a day.”

    Describes the entire province of Alberta quite well. Adscam is nothing, the grits are still being punished for the NEP there, and we know how long they can hold grudges on the prairies (just ask the CPR). The bizarro thing about it is Canada is the only oil exporting nation that does not have an NEP of some sort, leaving our industries at a disadvantage. Meanwhile while vowing to never forget the billions they lost to eastern Canada (most of it bullshit as the world oil economy tanked, why was Texas losing billions when they had no NEP?) Alberta conveniently forgets they were bailed out twice. First big-time during the depression, then again in the 50-60’s they were allowed to keep royalties while still collecting equalization payments, (like they criticized Danny Williams & NFLD for) in order to help their oil industry mature. I notice the angry western populist wingnuts conveniently forget those moments when screaming about how the Liberals screwed them with the NEP.

  13. As I’ve said here before, I lost my job in Edmonton during that particular recession (right at the time when we had our first kid, btw) which may or may not have had something to do with the NEP because our business had slowed to a crawl, and just dealt with it. I was unemployed for a month, put in like 50 applications during that time and managed to land another job and moved on from there. So my message to fellow Albertans is: Get the fuck over it. Enough already! Stop your endless whining and bellyaching.

  14. A quick comment about the troll’s cbc link. This is a perfect example of just how ridiculous partisan politics has become. The fact that it is now fashionable to shirk empirical reality for partisanship is outright annoying. Just look at those CBC comments. The recurring theme is the Liberals’ being soft on crime and how the unelected Senate is such a travesty. I didn’t hear those complaints when the Conservative dominated Senate in the early Chretien years was stopping certain legislation. All this points to just another populist tactic to discredit the Liberals and the Senate despite the fact that the Senate is doing what it is designed to do. What is interesting is the minority who adroitly point out the merits of the pre-credit system while suggesting that the abuse of such should be regulated rather than the system be entirely scrapped. This is a false association that is easily played: People confuse the abuse of the system as an intrinsic design flaw inextricably linked to its structure and therefore conclude that the entire system should be dismantled. This is simply not logical.

    What is ever more telling of the lack of reflective thinking such that recently we have a report that shows violent crime has decline in Canada, but there is this harrowing need to be tougher on crime. The latter idea I think is just manufactured and just fuels the partisanship even more.

    In a roundabout way, the troll’s comment and CBC link are very instructive and relates to the Republicans down south. Specifically, they serve as examples just how partisanship has gone wrong: Viewing this world as some sort of Manichean struggle creates an environment in which it is impossible for self correction and acknowledging the merits of legislation or criticism thereof. After all, changing your mind is such a terrible thing in politics, but only if your own party does it, of course. Heck, I would welcome more politicians who are thoughtful and change their direction pragmatically often basing on empirical evidence.

    In the Republicans’ case, their immediate reaction was that it was Al Franken who proposed and probably rested their refusal to vote for it on that rather than considering hiring companies that do protect their employees is actually a good idea. This of course runs counter to the lip service paid to the the “Tea Party”/ make government accountable angle. There is also the consideration that regulating these defence contractors would result in a lobbying backlash against Republicans as well as financial support. In any event, the majority voting against Al Franken’s bill seems to undercut their mark of privilege as bearers of moral authority. I am sure there is some hair splitting rationalization forthcoming, but something tells me it will be just another idealogical platitude mixed it with a nice twist of partisan populism.

  15. jkg — That was a “quick comment”? LOL

    Sorry, you’re remarks were well thought out and nicely put, but I just had to chuckle over that.

    I have no doubt there were ulterior considerations in the vote that superseded any regard for the specific issue Franken was attempting to address with his amendment. But yes, it’s a signal case of how broken the system is when something of this nature that’s so clearly the right thing to do can be opposed for whatever reason(s).

  16. MBDawg it wasn’t the Liberals who forwarded a platform last election to incarcerate 14 yr olds….fuck I don’t have the heart to surrogate the unreporting CTV/Canwest after lastest polls. I know polls mean nothing, just can’t believe how easy it is for our highest university enrollment in the world population to turn into sheep. Makes me realize how likely it is our masters of the universe will fuck over this civilization inevitably for nothing more than satisfying the instinct to be the tribal alpha dog (try sports).

    I wanna learn best natural gas and hydro industrial planning practises to give AB an alternative to exterminating the species (but no NEP!!)…simplest is setting Norway Wealth Fund tax rates for a future non-Neocon gov but better solutions out there. Wanna learn if free-market commercial or safeguarded military robots are the greater terminator threat later this/next century. Wanna learn more about Germany’s experiment to bailout payrolls; France also had relatively fewer layoffs without doing so and i know nothing of EU economy….just curious how much better their model is than USA’s deadend corporatism and how they avoided brainwashing by the rich (was it because trauma of WWII?). I wanna learn just how USA big biz got Obama elected and whether they mainly rejected GOP as optics or because they have mild social responsibility. I wanna learn just how fast I’ll lose my human capital when I go back to minimum wage deadend, yrs or decades?. I wanna know if fixing a dumb electorate (to safeguard human rights of course, not what our masters did last election) is a superior model in our long-run to educating the public about future reflexive dangers/rewards. Tough to find the motivation…maybe I’m telling myself just to let selfish North American boomers fuck over themselves and everyone, kind of like the two lessons Europe got to stop annihilating eachother in wars?

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