Mystery Solved!

Trust Bill O’Reilly to conclude that the reason the “far left” can’t abide Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin is… because they’re “good looking women… attractive, young — relatively young — women.”

Brilliant analysis! I mean it couldn’t possibly be because they’re both completely insane nutjobs, ignorant kooks, and Jesus freaks.

9 Replies to “Mystery Solved!”

  1. I’ve heard this kooky notion floated by some right-wingers before and fail to grasp it entirely. I’m reluctant to dig deeper into the rationale behind it because I suspect it will lead to some rather disturbing preconceptions.

  2. I don’t know much about Bachmann but it is not just the far left that thinks Palin is a nut job, even right leaning mentally challenged monkeys caught on to that right away.

  3. Austin — Yep, the more responsible and sober elements of the right-wing (George Will, for example) were quick to recognize Palin’s incompetence, erratic nature and general flakiness. Bill Kristol on the other hand… not so much. But then, I think he just enjoys the sheer entertainment factor of seeing how much she winds up “leftists” into fits of maddening frustration at her imbecility.

  4. mnblue — Don’t make this a drive-by. Come back and promote Maureen as there are a number of Minnesotans reading this blog and we’d like to help you turf Bachmann (although she is good comedic fodder, I have to admit)

  5. I was once a relatively young, attractive woman, and everyone DID hate me.

    Now that I am old, fat and ugly everyone loves me. 🙂

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