Lowered Expectations

Fans of Mad TV will presumably get the joke. But of course it has the added bonus feature of the diminutive racist hatemonger Kathy Shaidle standing on a box (as predicted, I might note; although to be precise it was a plastic stool in this instance — which again, invites a whole other level of jokes) to deliver her rousing diatribe to an indifferent rabble of dozens.

London-SOS: Five Feet of Shit on a Stool

Anyway, BCL had more gleeful observances of the nascent teabagging movement in Canada.



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5 responses to “Lowered Expectations

  1. hemmingforddogblog

    It’s so cute…Canada’s Little Racist, talking to tens of people…including Arnie…

  2. Bob

    Martin pushing stools, who’d a thunk it?

  3. Oh “Bob”… what a precious little comedian you are. Well, I was happy to tee you up for that one. Feel better now?

  4. Ti-Guy

    *sigh* Oh well…some day all of the wingnuts will be dead.

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