Dumbing Down the Discourse

As much as I loathe Frank Luntz and his cynical, manipulative, pseudo-scientific crystallization of visceral emotion and intellectual ignorance into a boilerplate lexicon of rank stupidity, it would be foolish to dismiss his research and conclusions out of hand as not being of some value.

Word up to liberal politicians: Ignore it at your peril!

After all, this is the man who coined the terms “global warming” (to make the concept of climate-change sound more trivial, “friendly” and even inviting) and the “death tax” (to insulate wealthy elites from estate taxes that benefit society in general by pretending it would kill family farms, etc.) amongst other artful linguistic constructs cunningly designed to effectively trick people into to voting in catastrophically dumb ways against their own self-interests in favour of ideologically-driven programs favoured by the rich and powerful.



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7 responses to “Dumbing Down the Discourse

  1. lenny

    Luntz, didn’t actually coin the term “climate change” (the International Panel on Climate Change was formed in 1988 after all), although he did advocate it be used to replace the more common “global warming” because he thought it less disturbing.

  2. Ti-Guy

    it would be foolish to dismiss his research and conclusions out of hand as not being of some value.

    Well, he’s been censured for his questionable research methodology and the conclusions he’s come to before, so I’m not sure serious people really have any other choice.

  3. Lenny — I think that’s what I said. 😉

  4. Ti-Guy — Would those be the same “serious people” that were in retreat mode since the “Reagan Revolution” and were in exile for much of the past eight years?

  5. lenny

    You said he coined the term – he didn’t.

  6. Ti-Guy

    I’m just saying that American liberals have to do their own research. Not that it will do any good at this point. You can’t address complex problems with simple-minded solutions.

    The Republicans have failed spectacularly. The only issue right now is why the Democrats aren’t really capitalising on it. I suspect the American elites know just to what extent the country really is finished.

  7. Lenny — I guess I got it backwards. I have heard his attempted re-framing presented that way, especially as the term “global warming” appeals to some in northern climates. In any case, it’s a pretty amazing thing to re-brand what many believe to be global crisis in order to diffuse people’s impressions about it.

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