Connect the Dots

I ran across this parody of Glenn Beck’s “connect the dots” shtick other week and thought it was pretty funny.

It’s hard to watch Beck’s show now without keeping this in mind…

h/t: The funny and eclectic Lee Stranahan



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5 responses to “Connect the Dots

  1. The other vapid mantra rightwing nutters and various neocons abuse is “Do the math.”

    Whenever I hear that, and “Connect the dots”, I have to stifle a hiccup of laughter/disgust.

  2. That was perfect.

    Now I’ll laugh harder at Beck’s insanity.

  3. I just love Lee’s deadpan delivery. Like when he pretended to be Sarah Palin’s speechwriter, Dan Bugaloo… hilarious.

  4. I have never been able to sit through one of his shows. It’s just too cringeworthy.

  5. My wife often asks me how I can suffer through them. “Why are you watching ‘the crazy’?” she’ll say. Well, aside from the fact that I find it mildly entertaining, it’s also just to be somewhat “fair and balanced” so that I’m not looking at things exclusively through a left-wing prism but also consider how the other side is formulating their opinions and to better understand where they’re coming from when they say the things they do.

    That said, it can be wearing on the soul. It’s very corrosive and quite nerve-jangling at times…

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