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Show Us the Beef!

In the 1980 American presidential campaign, Sen. Walter Mondale famously appropriated the Wendy’s slogan “Where’s the Beef?” to berate his Democratic primary opponents at the time, Jesse Jackson and Gary Hart; effectively exposing what he contended was their tragic paucity of policy depth.

At present, we seem to have a similar situation with Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party. On one level, it’s a notable achievement that after several years of aimlessly groping about in the political wilderness (or impatiently fidgeting in the penalty box, if you prefer that metaphor), Iggy and the Libs have finally managed to extricate themselves from the obligation to reluctantly support Stephen Harper’s cynically extemporaneous Conservative government. That said, what are the specific policy alternatives the Liberals presume to offer in regard to their boastful claim that “We can do better”?

So far, we’ve seen Michael casually talking to folks in an open-collar denim shirt from his woodland retreat about his fuzzy “world view” and some nebulous concept about “green jobs” of the future and other such rudimentary ideas which are all innocuously pleasant enough liberal clap-trap one supposes, but what will the Liberals do that’s actually different from the Stephen Harper’s Keynesian Conservatives that the Liberal spin-machine somewhat mysteriously claims is “not good enough”? Inquiring minds want to know…


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Conservative “Values”

At this weekend’s Focus on the Family Action “Values Voters” Summit, Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt explains how “you have to play the ball where the monkey throws it.”

In other news from the Wingnutosphere… there is no racism in America and former president Jimmy Carter is a deranged lunatic.


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Reckless Coalitions

With this week’s vote on the ways-and-means motion, Harper’s government is now being propped up by the very same nefarious “socialists” and “separatists” the Conservatives are still vigorously denouncing in their latest round of negative attack ads concerning an imagined anti-democratic conspiracy between the BQ/NDP and the Liberals.

And some people wonder why there’s so much cynicism and indifference about politics these days…


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A Message From Rush Limbaugh’s Pants

Here’s to hoping Rush loses another 100 lbs. over the next six months. At that rate I figure he might be entirely gone by next year.


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Crazy for God

Frank Schaeffer discusses the lunacy of right-wing evangelical Christians. A recent poll disclosed that 1/3 “conservatives” believe that President Obama is the “anti-Christ”…

“A village cannot reorganize village life to suit the village idiot — it’s as simple as that.”

h/t: Dave in the comments for bringing this to my attention.


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With Friends Like This…


The most unpopular Prime Minister in living memory yesterday lauded U.S. President Barack Obama and threw his support behind efforts to reform healthcare in the United States:

Brian Mulroney used a speech to 1,500 Conservative supporters to wade where Prime Minister Stephen Harper has steadfastly refused to venture: the bitter U.S. debate over health reform.

The former prime minister drew parallels between Obama’s uphill fight to reform health care to his own struggles as prime minister, which may have cost him popularity but benefited the country.

“Political capital is acquired to spend in great causes for one’s country,” Mulroney said Thursday.

“Prime ministers are not chosen to seek popularity. They are chosen to provide leadership. . . President Obama is fighting for a form of universal health care and is encountering ferocious resistance.

“The attacks on President Obama are often bitter and mean-spirited and his approval ratings are sinking like a stone. Still, he fights on…

“Fifty years from today, Americans will revere the name, ‘Obama.’ Because like his Canadian predecessors, he chose the tough responsibilities of national leadership over the meaningless nostrums of sterile partisanship that we see too much of in Canada and around the world.”

The “vast, crowded hotel ballroom” was reported to have fallen completely silent at that specific part of Mulroney’s speech and one woman out of the 1,500 attendees was even noted by a CTV reporter in attendance to have openly snickered.


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Discrimination Amongst the Poor

They should have had Kathy Shaidle on this panel so she could once again ask her now infamous question: “Are there even a thousand really poor people in all of America?”


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“A Plus for the Folks”

Be amazed. Now that it’s all but dead, Fox News windbag Bill O’Reilly apparently supports a “public option”…

By the way, is there some unwritten mandate necessitating that every female spokesbot for the Heritage Foundation be a shrill, screeching harridan? Furthermore, shouldn’t there be some kind of “full disclosure” clause pertaining to the media whereby, for example, it’s revealed that Ms. Owcharenko was the former legislative director for Rep. Jim DeMint and Rep. Sue Myrick, before which she worked for Sen. Jesse Helms?


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I’m sure all the legal scholars populating the ranks of the Teabag movement will fully appreciate congressman Nadler’s objection to the prohibitive Congressional initiative regarding proposed suspension of funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (“ACORN”) that unfortunately violates Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3 of the Constitution.

I’d be highly amused to see the result of rounding up a hundred (a thousand or even 1.8 million) “teabaggers” who are endlessly nattering on about the Constitution and asking them to explain what a bill of attainder is…


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Senator Peter Schiff

I suspect Schiff’s run at Chris Dodd’s seat might be nothing more than a vainglorious, self-promotional stunt — would he really be prepared to divest himself of his various investment interests and turn over his capital market consultancy to a blind trust for the next six years? — but whatever the case may be, it will certainly make the next Senate race in Connecticut very interesting.

From his fundraising letter issued to supporters this morning:

So today it begins. As I’m sure you are aware, the rules in politics bear only scant resemblance to those which govern polite society. As a result, I am wading into strange waters, and I’m sure strange things will happen. But I promise to maintain my composure and give it my best shot. Based on the support that I have received thus far, I fully expect to be facing down Chris Dodd in the general election just 14 months from now.

As my campaign takes flight, I appreciate the patience and trust that you have shown. To commit time and money to a long shot candidate for high office is a hard choice. I hope to repay that trust with a first class campaign.

Whether his self-proclaimed inexperience will prove to be his “biggest asset” in the forthcoming campaign remains to be seen, but I’d venture to guess that persistently forecasting imminent economic collapse most probably won’t be a winning strategy with voters of the Nutmeg state.


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