Windows 7.0 Party Time!

I’m beyond speechless. Sadly, the actors in this painfully upbeat “launch party” video for the release of the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows OS weren’t quite so reticent…

Apologies for making you suffer through that hacktacular video — presuming you watched it beyond the 20 second mark. In truth, it was a completely unrelated pretext just to note that there will be light posting and relative inactivity here for a while due to work-related and personal stuff going on at the moment (generally good things, but very time-consuming).

I’ll try to occasionally post on Twitter in the meantime. And yes, I know many people think that’s a thoroughly unserious medium, but I’ve decided to give it the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Beside which, I like the notion of attempting beat the challenge of the puny 140 character limit without all that maddeningly cryptic text-message crapola).

17 Replies to “Windows 7.0 Party Time!”

  1. This was pointed out to me the other day.. the longest anyone I know has managed to watch it is 2 minutes. I made it about 45 seconds.

  2. I watched it all the way through but I have an excuse. I was watching from a technical point of view. As best I could tell the camera was static, yet the entire video has a slightly jerky feel, lots of little pop zooms, shifts left and right constantly trying to find the characters who are basically standing still. the idea being to infuse the video with a sense of movement and excitement. its a camera style that is often associated with hand held footage, documentaries and event shooting.

    it is also a style that has had a vogue in the entertainment world most famously with the sea sick making blair witch project and on tv early seasons of nypd blue. i felt sorry for the camera and editing guys on this video, it must have been exhausting trying to make that boiled snot look appetizing.

  3. I watched it until the .49 second mark. I wish I’d had PSA’s excuse to watch the entire thing, as I would have come away from this post less demoralised, despondent and more drawn to extreme Luddism than ever. 😉

  4. “it is also a style that has had a vogue in the entertainment world most famously with the sea sick making blair witch project and on tv early seasons of nypd blue.”



  5. I want to do a documentary about people who hold Windows 7.0 launch parties (if indeed such people exist). I want to talk to them, to know about their lives, to find out their histories, to learn about their hopes, their desires, their joys, their sorrows.

    I don’t know and never have known people like this and right now, I’m finding the novelty almost irresistible.

  6. It’s kind of funny (and creepy) how Microsoft® has co-opted the political “meet-up” concept that was pioneered back in 2003 (most notably by Joe Trippi) and meshed it with a similar approach to that used by infomercials hawking the most atrocious crap to an audience of retarded insomniacs…

  7. I made it to 2:07. Who is the target audience for this crapola?

    I’ve stopped using Windows altogether since 2007 (except for at work). I zapped my hard disk at home and installed Fedora — haven’t looked back since.

    The only drawback to using Linux of course is that certain hardware devices (cell phone, video MP3 player) that have features that only want to interact with Windows. The major plus though is that it’s easier to download and install software (especially with Ubuntu — which with a simple ‘sudo apt-get install vice’ I was able to install an entire suite of old Commodore computer emulators) and that I don’t have to worry about viruses or spyware.

  8. I take it back. I know of someone (a former boyfriend of a relative) who would hold a launch party like this; someone who believes life is like a computer program; you script it, run it, tweak it a bit, run it some more…

    Every activity has a template somewhere that can be copied, every problem can be solved with a set of steps (between 7 and 12), every task is suited to a particular consumer product that must be purchased, etc. etc.

    Early 50’s, married three times, childless, annoying, dull and well off.

  9. Hitfan — I actually don’t mind Windows all that much and all the software I use for work (and what little play I get to do these days) runs quite well on it. That said, I see no reason to “upgrade” from Win XP. When my hardware is running okay, it’s actually pretty solid and reliable. I’ve used Vista on my daughter’s computer and it’s not bad, but way too gimmicky and needlessly fancy for me. That whole “intellisense” notion that seems to pervade MS products really drives me nuts sometimes and it’s run amok in the latest iterations of their software. (Stop trying to guess at what I want to do!)

    As for Linux and such, I’d love to have a machine where I could just mess around with it and experiment on without jeopardizing my actual work, but I just don’t have the time, money or facility to do that right now. Besides, I’m not as geeky as I used to be anymore about computers as when I’d happily (or unhappily most of the time) spend several weeks wrestling with OS/2 trying to get it to cohabitate with Windows NT on the same box just because it was “a challenge” or experimenting with HP Wave and other such interface shells that attempted to address the shortcomings of Windows for the fun of it…

  10. Ti-Guy — …married three times, childless, annoying, dull and well off.

    That would certainly make for a charming epitaph, wouldn’t it?

  11. Great.

    I’m not dissing it out of hand, but there’s undoubtedly lots of “moving pieces’ as they say, so it might perhaps be best to reserve judgment until it can be determined how they all work together.

    Your mileage may vary and all that…

  12. Chrome isn’t all that great, IMHO — I’m kind of agnostic on it at the moment. Just another browser that I have to accommodate. I only use it for reference because I have to. But then Google and MS have this plan of taking over the world with total integration of all their nifty apps, right? Unfortunately, some of us get caught in the crossfire of those grandiose ambitions and are forced to dance to different tunes at the same time when it comes to browsers…

  13. Red, you should try out a linux live disc. That way you can play around with it without munging your entire drive.

    I’m running Win 7 on my new machine and so far I’m pretty happy with it (albeit my copy is free) but it doesn’t play very nicely with other operating systems; most notably fedora. But I wouldn’t recommend fedora to many people starting out on Linux, try Ubuntu.

    I also found out last night that my computer can run OSx Snow Leopard. So I’m going to shell out the $35 for a copy and turn my machine into a hackintosh/Windows/linux monster.

    I agree with you on Chrome. Initially I liked their incognito mode but after a few weeks, I found myself using Firefox again. The plugins and extensibility are what usually draw me back.

    If Google’s OS is anything like their apps, I’ll stick with my current setup and keep my ram free.

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