Look! A Shiny Rock!

Hey, just for fun, let’s see what the Washington Post is up to today…

Okay, that was kind of a cheap shot because truth be told this video wherein celebrity Tweets are dramatically re-enacted is actually quite hilarious. But I wonder if Howie Kurtz will be ironically sneering at it on CNN next weekend.

5 Replies to “Look! A Shiny Rock!”

  1. Meanwhile, Newsweek spent the day edifying us with a roundtable of hack celebrities discussing the Emmy Awards® and opining about certain foibles of their profession or dishing nonsensical gossip about fellow actors. And we wonder why there’s so much cynicism about the “mainstream media”…

  2. I’d rather them dish on about the Emmy Awards than provide “news” by spending several minutes providing the truth-challenged comments of “everyday Americans” who post garbage on their website.

    No corrections, clarifications, or fact-checking of course since the whole exercise is to “hear what ‘you’re’ thinking.”

    If I think the moon is made of cheese and comment about it, should it be published in a science magazine?

    It seems to be the latest fad in broadcast news. SNL really needs a good skit where the Weekend Update team “analyzes” the tweets from twits they receive.

  3. I believe the term for that is “nut picking” and believe me, I could easily provide a TON ‘O NUTS randomly plucked from various YouTube comment streams if I chose to do so.

    It’s agonizing really… and phenomenally depressing. Achingly so at times. The wild conflagration of ignorance, unchecked venom, hateful racism, monstrous stupidity, crackpot lunacy, bizarre conspiracy theories, and generally unhinged idiocy is beyond comprehension and too much to bear…

    Sorry, what was your point again? Oh yes, the “truth challenged” opinions of “average Americans” vs. the irrelevant nonsense of celebrities.

    Well played. 😉

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