A Message From Rush Limbaugh’s Pants

Here’s to hoping Rush loses another 100 lbs. over the next six months. At that rate I figure he might be entirely gone by next year.



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8 responses to “Creepy…

  1. rww

    Perhaps we should have seperate (but equal) buses for Democrats.

  2. hemmingforddogblog

    He just make up shit as he goes along…right? I met a court jester once that had pants like that…

  3. Ti-Guy

    He’s on drugs.

  4. trivelin called; he said just keep the pants.


  5. psa

    how many jockeys did he have to skin to make those trousers?

  6. There’s a horrifying thought…

  7. Is this the new right wing fashion? Perhaps a pair should be sent to Harper.

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