Conservative “Values”

At this weekend’s Focus on the Family Action “Values Voters” Summit, Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt explains how “you have to play the ball where the monkey throws it.”

In other news from the Wingnutosphere… there is no racism in America and former president Jimmy Carter is a deranged lunatic.



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25 responses to “Conservative “Values”

  1. Lorraine

    Strange fact on this current parliament:

    3 party leaders are Atheists: Layton, Duceppe and Ignatieff

    1 believes in God: Harper

    1 is studying to be an Anglican church minister: Elizabeth May.

    Just find this all interesting.

  2. Ti-Guy

    1 believes in God: Harper

    No, he doesn’t. That’s just what he wants the rubes to believe. No one who believes God would lie like he does. Obviously, he doesn’t believe in Hell.

  3. Harper just believes, like the vast majority of the members of our business and ruling classes, that all things in the universe have simultaneously converged to place them in the seat of their SUV.

  4. TofKW

    Lorraine, I don’t think most voters (at least in Canada) care if their elected representatives believe in God, so much as are they fanatics in regards to their faith. To list two recent examples, Chrétien and Martin are both Catholics and I never heard anyone express any concern over this – well except for the Vatican who were displeased over the gay marriage issue.

    Apparently Harper is an evangelical (but Ti-Guy has a point) and that would concern me greatly except I’ve never seen a news clip of him in a church (with the exception of waffergate). This eases my concerns somewhat for in US politics, avoiding churches would make Harper a Democrat – and a pretty liberal one at that. To me that shows our nation hasn’t gone off the deep end (at least not yet). My lingering concerns are more geared towards the people that associate with the CPC who don’t hide their evangelical side.

    Final point, I would have guessed Ignatieff to be Russian Orthodox. Too bad he doesn’t practice it, would be nice if he became PM that he’d go on to designate Orthodox Christmas and Easter as two additional stat holidays 🙂

  5. sapphireandsteel


    Jack Layton is a member of the United Church of Canada

    Michael Ignatieff, Russian Orthodox.

    I cannot find any listing of Gilles Duceppe’s beliefs..

    Does this all matter at all in the bigger picture? Absolutely not. I couldn’t care less if a politician dressed up like Jesus on the holidays or wore a devil costume in their off hours. I’d just like one that does their job with a bit more competence than we get these days.

    So what made your point interesting besides being completely inaccurate and irrelevant Lorraine?

  6. jackie

    God has no place in politics.

  7. Ti-Guy

    So what made your point interesting besides being completely inaccurate and irrelevant Lorraine?

    She’s a wingnut. They never have any points to make.

  8. Lorraine

    Not sure – I guess it helps when someone who wants to represent you shares some of your values.

    Senator David Smith, the Liberal campaign head, is an Evangelical Christian.
    Warren Kinsella is proud to tell everyone he is a practicing Catholic.
    Ignatieff self admitted being an atheist as did Duceppe – I don’t have the links.

    Elizabeth May can’t support abortion because of her religion and she is in training to be a minister but is okay with SSM.

    Our Catholic church is launching a campaign against a private member’s bill from, I believe a Liberal, that endorses euthanasia.

    So, on some questions of morality there are convictions that count. The Conservatives voted at their policy conference that any and all bills which are a question of concience will be free votes and the party has no policies on any of the more sensitive issues.
    The NDP does have policies and kicked an MP out of the party for voting her concience.

    Guess it is just interesting as a point of discussion.

  9. sassy

    Lorraine – “I don’t have the links”

    That’s unfortunate.

  10. Lorraine

    Here’s one link on Ignatieff. It would seem he thinks of religion as a cultural, not spiritual, endeavor:

    THE TELEVISION presenter and academic Michael Ignatieff combines atheism with a passion for religion. “Some of the most important experiences of my life have taken place in churches. One of them was a visit to a little Ukrainian church built by my great-grandfather. The priest and community of believers sang a panikhida (a mass for the dead) in tribute to my ancestors – a family that had left 80 years before.

    “You would have needed a heart of stone not to have been touched. They had preserved the graves as an attitude of respect because they were believers; this was nothing to do with ancestor worship.”

  11. Ti-Guy

    “It would seem he thinks of religion as a cultural, not spiritual, endeavor…”

    So sayeth the Lorraine.

  12. Ian

    Germane to the Blunt clip….I thought his quip “there was really not much else to do of course” was most telling. With a bunch of Indian lackies around to fulfill your every need, I don’t suppose there was – and of course it was most likely Indians who did all the work to carve out a golf course too….

  13. TofKW

    And your point Lorraine?

    By the way, you obviously have no concept of the churches of Eastern Europe where they in fact are just as much a part of national culture as they are spiritual. A people’s religion is often credited with keeping their nationality alive. Does this make them less of a religion to you? You should bring this topic up with any Jewish friends you may have for their insights.

    And in terms of politics, who cares? Unless a group of religious wingnuts are trying to have their perceptions of morality imposed on a nation via political means. Like how they’ve infected the GOP and would love to turn the USA into a Christian version of Iran.

  14. Perhaps Lorraine should read the book “The Family”……yup, the religious ones…uh, huh.

  15. Elizabeth May can’t support abortion because of her religion and she is in training to be a minister but is okay with SSM.

    This is an unsupportable statement. Elizabeth May can “support” abortion (whatever that means) if she chooses to.

    Canadian Anglicans and United Church members are guided by personal conscience and can openly dissent from the official positions of our churches yet still remain members in good standing. You’ll find both pro-choice and anti-abortion advocates in the Anglican laity and clergy.

    Speaking for myself I believe that abortion is always a tragedy that we should as a society should try to prevent, but I don’t believe that laws should be passed to limit the procedure. Instead we should focus on education and greater social and economic support for young women and families so that women aren’t forced into this position in the first place. The ultimate choice still lies with the woman. I suspect that Elizabeth May would agree with me.

  16. Cameron

    “support abortion” is a subtle bit of code that has been creeping about for a while now.

    It’s pretty vile when you get to thinking about it.

  17. Exactly. No sane person thinks abortions are a great thing. They are hard, but sometimes necessary procedures.

    There are pro-choice people but not pro-abortion people.

  18. It’s upsetting that so many on the “pro-life” side of the argument over abortion seem to think that those who support women’s reproductive rights consider the matter as having absolutely no consequence or moral significance. This is a patently false misrepresentation that in most cases and certainly doesn’t represent the mainstream liberal position that, as former President Clinton memorably said, abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.”

    The crushing irony is that most fundamentalist believers are opposed to sensible measures such as responsible contraception and informed sex education that strive to ensure abortions are the exception rather than the rule. In their misguided drive to protect the “sanctity of life” at all costs, they actively promote ignorance with the unintended consequences of encouraging the spread of hazardous STDs and early birth amongst a population clearly unfit and financially unprepared to raise children.

  19. sapphireandsteel

    Still Lorraine, you haven’t explained why you used false statements in your original comment. Is lying one of the tenets you respect in a leader? Someone that shares your values?

  20. I’m not sure that Harper’s belief in God is all that terribly encouraging from a leadership standpoint. Personally, I’d rather entrust my fate to the direction of an informed skeptic than that of a credulous believer.

  21. sapphireandsteel

    Yeah the thought of entrusting any power to an individual that doesn’t view Jack Van Impe as humourous is a bit unsettling.

  22. And his wife! Sorry, but I cannot help but laugh at Rexella Van Impe’s impossibly unserious name.

  23. sapphireandsteel

    Lol yeah, I looked her up in Google but didn’t go too far when I found her name and the term Gilf on a Bible discussion forum. Those kinky christians. 😉

  24. Martin

    If the leader of any of the major parties said publicly “I am an atheist”, I’d want to be the first to write them a contribution cheque.

    I’m with RT- it gets pretty hard to trust the levers of state to someone whose reality includes angels and transubstantiation.

  25. sapphireandsteel

    “I don’t have the links. ” aka “I’m pulling this out of my ass”

    No facts means no proof.

    So Lorraine, why is judging people based upon your own personal bias an interesting topic of discussion?

    Why is not being able to look at religion critically or from a cultural viewpoint equivalent with athiesm as you suggest?

    I still see you pulling shit from your ass and claiming it’s gold.

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