Discrimination Amongst the Poor

They should have had Kathy Shaidle on this panel so she could once again ask her now infamous question: “Are there even a thousand really poor people in all of America?”



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6 responses to “Discrimination Amongst the Poor

  1. Joseph

    She would fit right in, wouldn’t she?

  2. Totally. As would many of the über-wingnuts from the right and far left. I’d love to see an Onion-like panel comprised of our most notable extremists going at one another hammer and tongs, because there likely wouldn’t be much difference from their satirical counterparts.

  3. Northern PoV

    Ya, not that far off their caricatures I agree.

    The shrill folks on both sides carry a lot of the blame for the decline in the quality of our civil discourse.

    But to compare the two sides, it does seem that the extreme right wing of the spectrum is a lot more crowded than the extreme fringes of the side I support.
    Based on their past statements and current demeanor, I would say that the real thinking of Harper and his gang is even closer to the wing-nuts than are their satirical counterparts you cite.

  4. philosoraptor


    I just read the SadlyNo writeup, and the corresponding Shaidle nonsense. I find it incredible that people hire her to write anything at all. She is an absolute moron.

    By the way, it’s an unrelated topic, but I wonder if you’ve seen this short interview from the Rachel Maddow show: Moving past the village idiot

    Came across it over at PZ’s place; if you haven’t seen it, you really should.

  5. Dave — Thanks. I hadn’t actually seen that particular interview but have watched Schaeffer’s disturbing confessions about the evangelical subculture that he’s shared on various shows and would certainly agree with him about what he marvelously describes as the “Fifth Column of Insanity” that’s infiltrated American political discourse over the last several decades.

    How else can one explain the brain-rotting, systemic rejection of fact as a matter of faith? Schaeffer also poses the challenging question of how Christianity can be rescued from these insane lunatics who are “beyond crazy” and eagerly look forward to Armageddon…

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