Senator Peter Schiff

I suspect Schiff’s run at Chris Dodd’s seat might be nothing more than a vainglorious, self-promotional stunt — would he really be prepared to divest himself of his various investment interests and turn over his capital market consultancy to a blind trust for the next six years? — but whatever the case may be, it will certainly make the next Senate race in Connecticut very interesting.

From his fundraising letter issued to supporters this morning:

So today it begins. As I’m sure you are aware, the rules in politics bear only scant resemblance to those which govern polite society. As a result, I am wading into strange waters, and I’m sure strange things will happen. But I promise to maintain my composure and give it my best shot. Based on the support that I have received thus far, I fully expect to be facing down Chris Dodd in the general election just 14 months from now.

As my campaign takes flight, I appreciate the patience and trust that you have shown. To commit time and money to a long shot candidate for high office is a hard choice. I hope to repay that trust with a first class campaign.

Whether his self-proclaimed inexperience will prove to be his “biggest asset” in the forthcoming campaign remains to be seen, but I’d venture to guess that persistently forecasting imminent economic collapse most probably won’t be a winning strategy with voters of the Nutmeg state.



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7 responses to “Senator Peter Schiff

  1. dan

    What’ll make it even more interesting is that World Wide Wrestling CEO Linda McMahon is jumping into the race:

  2. How long before one of them smacks Dodd over the back of the head with a folding chair?

  3. hitfan

    I loved the way Schiff completely made the pro-Bush “the economy kicks ass!” bots on Fox News look like the idiots that they are.

  4. psa

    Hey how come nobody’s gunning for Joe Lieberman or is his seat not up in the next election cycle?

  5. Too bad. I used to respect Schiff as a decent human being. Unfortunately, on the subject of health care, he turns in to a Republican robot: “let the free market be free, and everything is magically fine.”

    No. No it isn’t. Healthcare isn’t like that. You can’t expect private industry to take care of people properly if it’s cheaper not to. Private industry will always be looking for a way to quietly let you die. That’s the way corporations are.

    And education? How the hell are poor geniuses going to get a good education if everything is private? That’s just stupid, elitist and anti-democratic.

  6. PSA — Holy Joe’s term isn’t up until 2012.

  7. Ian

    By the way he dodged the SEC’s oversight questions, it’s clear he’s got the chops to be a succesful politician.

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