“A Plus for the Folks”

Be amazed. Now that it’s all but dead, Fox News windbag Bill O’Reilly apparently supports a “public option”…

By the way, is there some unwritten mandate necessitating that every female spokesbot for the Heritage Foundation be a shrill, screeching harridan? Furthermore, shouldn’t there be some kind of “full disclosure” clause pertaining to the media whereby, for example, it’s revealed that Ms. Owcharenko was the former legislative director for Rep. Jim DeMint and Rep. Sue Myrick, before which she worked for Sen. Jesse Helms?


I’m sure all the legal scholars populating the ranks of the Teabag movement will fully appreciate congressman Nadler’s objection to the prohibitive Congressional initiative regarding proposed suspension of funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (“ACORN”) that unfortunately violates Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3 of the Constitution.

I’d be highly amused to see the result of rounding up a hundred (a thousand or even 1.8 million) “teabaggers” who are endlessly nattering on about the Constitution and asking them to explain what a bill of attainder is…

Senator Peter Schiff

I suspect Schiff’s run at Chris Dodd’s seat might be nothing more than a vainglorious, self-promotional stunt — would he really be prepared to divest himself of his various investment interests and turn over his capital market consultancy to a blind trust for the next six years? — but whatever the case may be, it will certainly make the next Senate race in Connecticut very interesting.

From his fundraising letter issued to supporters this morning:

So today it begins. As I’m sure you are aware, the rules in politics bear only scant resemblance to those which govern polite society. As a result, I am wading into strange waters, and I’m sure strange things will happen. But I promise to maintain my composure and give it my best shot. Based on the support that I have received thus far, I fully expect to be facing down Chris Dodd in the general election just 14 months from now.

As my campaign takes flight, I appreciate the patience and trust that you have shown. To commit time and money to a long shot candidate for high office is a hard choice. I hope to repay that trust with a first class campaign.

Whether his self-proclaimed inexperience will prove to be his “biggest asset” in the forthcoming campaign remains to be seen, but I’d venture to guess that persistently forecasting imminent economic collapse most probably won’t be a winning strategy with voters of the Nutmeg state.

Harper “Snubbed” in America?

I heard a vague rumour this morning that Stephen Harper dropped by the White House yesterday for a brief tête-à-tête with President Obama. One might never have known that however from the non-existent press clippings describing this momentous state visit of great historical importance.

Rough TV footage shows that the PM was unceremoniously welcomed at the White House by an unidentified subaltern of Deputy Chief of Protocol Lee Satterfield prior to being hurriedly whisked from his Cadillac limo through a side door. Veteran Beltway political analyst Mark Plotkin picks up the story…

How our leading politician is treated south of the border perhaps isn’t all that important, but it certainly speaks to the low level of regard in which this country is held these days by our American neighbours. More importantly, it impacts poorly on our manufacturers and exporters that may have quite reasonably hoped the Conservative government could have more advantageously promoted their trade agenda with the U.S. president rather than simply dismissing their present troubles as nothing but “a minor irritant” while touting a breakthrough in the dispute over cross-border charter flights for NHL teams…

ACORN’s $8.5 Gajillion

Not that I should be criticizing others for their shocking innumeracy after last weekend’s fantastic screw-up over election costs, but does Sean Hannity seriously not know the difference between a billion and a trillion? Or a million, for that matter…

As for the “$8.5 trillion” figure, it’s kind of funny that just last year House Republican Leader John Boehner stated that a “review of federal records shows ACORN affiliates have received at least $31 million in direct federal funding from American taxpayers over the past 10 years.”

Wow! How the heck did that amount suddenly morph into $8.5 trillion?