Whether Reform Works…

After months of ineffectual fidgeting and fucking around (to borrow an expression from Matt Taibbi), Senator Max “one of the biggest insurance-company whores in U.S. history” Baucus, today finally rolled out what former health insurance executive (since turned contentious human being) Wendell Potter quite aptly described in testimony before Congress yesterday as the Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act :

Whether the insipid swill of legislative tinkering that’s fermented over the summer in the so-called “cooling saucer of democracy” will pass for actual healthcare reform remains to be seen, but it’s more than probable that the artfully contrived, lobbyist-funded machinations of Baucus and his weirdly contrived “Group of Six” comrades will now be ruthlessly eviscerated and amended to death by the House of Representatives. Or so one hopes.



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2 responses to “Whether Reform Works…

  1. counter-coulter

    The good news: this is only 1 of 5 bills put forth and the only one that doesn’t include the public option. Congress can take some of the best aspects of the bill and scrap the rest.

  2. Maybe there’s some method to the madness Obama unleashed by turning over creation of his “plan” to the Congress… I’d like to think so, but time will tell.

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