Senatorial Smack-Down

CNN pits two Senators from Canada and the U.S. against one another over the healthcare issue to determine who has the better system…

Okay, just what the hell is Sen. John Barrasso smoking? Four months to see a primary care physician! That is complete, unmitigated bullshit. If I called my doctor’s office tomorrow, I’d have an appointment within a matter of days. Has anyone that you know of ever waited 4 months to see their family doctor? Likewise his assertion that people over a certain age in Canada are mandatorily denied hip replacements — this is a flat out LIE.

Footnote: The stats Sen. Mitchell references can be found here.


13 Replies to “Senatorial Smack-Down”

  1. Complete fabrication, like much of their scaremongering.

    Really though, for the Americans, I would think the French or Italian hybrid systems – which are way cheaper than Canada, provide better overall care than Canada and provide way way more doctors per patient than Canada – would be a better model for the US and more palatable.

    The Democrats and Obama in particular have so dropped the ball on the healthcare debate. It is really really sad.

  2. It maybe too early to pass judgment on how Obama has handled this issue, but at this point the prospects don’t look that good for a positive outcome.

  3. Yep, total lie. Every time I’ve ever made an appointment, it was next day.

    And, I’ll pass judgement on Obama – he’s a neoliberal, through and through. He knows how to handle dissenters, as his threats against the progressive caucus when they threatened to vote against the war supplemental showed. That he isn’t doing the same to the corporatists derailing health reform in his party shows that he truly doesn’t care to see health reform.

  4. I have almost always received same day appointments & treatments from GPs in 4 provinces.
    In my 50s, I have had my share of medical issues.
    For chronic back pain I waited 6 months to see a specialist but eventually got excellent treatment…

    with an acute gut issue I was seen immediately by GP then fasttracked into hospital where I was immediately diagnosed with MRIs by head surgeons etc and received immediate successful treatment.

    Mendacious idiots seem to have the upper hand south of the border.

  5. I think this is the doctor who spoke for the GOP after Obama’s speech to Senate and Congress and I believe I read that he had several malpractice suits against him, one of which (so far) he lost.

    My doctor will see me within a couple of days unless I’m really very sick – then he squeezes me in right away.

    Oh, and I love the story that McCain and the rest of the GOP say – in Canada you don’t get to pick your own doctor, the government does.

    We have a walk-in clinic that’s connected with the doctors in the medical building where my doctor practices (he runs it) – they take turns covering it on weekends. You can go in to get treatment without going to emergency and if it is required that you go to emergency they arrange that you go over to the hospital right away. Doctors at the hospital are then waiting for you ready to treat you.

  6. I think this is the doctor who spoke for the GOP after Obama’s speech to Senate and Congress and I believe I read that he had several malpractice suits against him, one of which (so far) he lost.

    Actually, that was Rep. Charles Boustany (R-Louisiana), not this guy. Doesn’t make a difference to me, they’re both lying through their asses.

  7. I saw this today on the TV. Excellent report by Kitty Pilgrim which confirms what I’ve said here: Canada’s caps on medical malpractice has lowered health care costs here compared to the US.

    I don’t think the appointed Liberal senator from Alberta really debated this issue properly. The Republican was able to get his talking points (which were mostly FUD pro-insurance propaganda) across a lot more effectively.

  8. No argument here. I thought Mitchell did quite poorly in this exchange even though “truth” was definitely on his side.

    And while I wouldn’t disagree that our approach to medical malpractice effectively reduces costs and prevents a lot of the needless “defensive medicine” that goes on in the U.S., part of that can also be attributed to our generally less litigious nature.

  9. they’d need to widen his part of the splitscreen if it was Duffy. That man was built for widescreen TV.

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