Concentrated Stupidity

Extreme right-wingers (aka so-called “conservatives”) are understandably quite defensively agitated whenever it’s dismissively asserted by Hippie-Liberal-Nazi-Communist Obama supporters that the raging teabaggers and other protesters in last weekend’s expression of diffuse outrage are little more than a lunatic fringe group of ignorant, mentally deranged crackpots, so perhaps it would be instructive to simply allow these folks to speak for themselves…

In the interest of fairness, here’s Reason TV’s take on the protest:

While “big government spending” is definitely a controversial issue, I think Reason TV really seriously missed the ball here by deliberately skewing their presentation heavily in favour of the libertarian aspect of the protest rather than more objectively covering the gamut of fearful, inarticulate, uninformed outrage presently being directed by “teabaggers” and their ilk at Washington.

h/t: A big thanks to Ian in the comments who pointed out this marvelously “stupid” video from New Left Media.

14 Replies to “Concentrated Stupidity”

  1. Yes, very “special” indeed.

    I can’t help but wonder what these people do for a living… I mean, they’re almost universally dumb as a sack of hammers. Good grief, what must they be like when they’re actually “on the job” (whatever that might be). Are these the same dimwits who can never seem to bag your order correctly at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru?

  2. Listening to the same people who took no exception to running monumental government debts and nary a peep over government surveilance now bray bleat about government spending and intrusion is so rich it just has to be fattening.

    Maybe Obama should re-institute free speech zones a mile or so from events that he’s having.

  3. I used to work with a guy just like these people. He would walk around with a clipboard and make notes on everyone else’s work stations and then “report” to our supervisor what changes he believed should be made. This was not his job. His job was the same as mine and he would ignore the work piling up at his station and critique the work of others. He would routine post “memos” on the bulletine board directing our bosses on how to run the business and cite workplace rules and regulations as to why he did not legally have to do certain things, such as only having a total of 90 minutes in paid break time per day; he felt he was entitled to 2 hours. When he was finally fired, he filed a wrongful dismissal claim saying the company discriminated against him because of–wait for it–his high intelligence. We were all agin ‘im! Uh huh

  4. Yes, the genius of the interviewer in the “Concentrated Stupidity” clip is that he didn’t even try to lead the witnesses. Just asked them to explain their positions and then offered up a few facts to counter their “beliefs”. Particualrly impressive how he was able to state said facts without really raising any of the teabaggers ire. They were like dears in the headlights. He should start giving seminars to centrist politicians, or maybe he can find some way to bottle it…..remarkable.

    Best moment for me was at around 4:12….”Joe Wilson supported that? (looks up to his sign). I am not supporting Joe Wilson for President.”

  5. My favourite part of the video; the kid with the “Peolsi is a Jezebel” sign. I noticed too in Blumenthal’s video some guy with a Pelosi face superimposed over a busty Nazi. I’m thinking there’s some typical rightie repressed thoughts going on there.

  6. Ian — I have to admit to being amazed at the teabaggers who were completely unaware that government “czars” aren’t at all a new invention and were, in fact, started by Ronald Reagan. Their befuddled shock at learning this uncomfortable truth was priceless.

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