Billionaires for Wealthcare

Nice to see that the Billionaires for Bush have found a new cause.

From their blog about the 9/12 protest:

We set up our post on an elevated curb along Pennsylvania Avenue, proudly surveying the throngs we’d funded. The crowds mainly greeted us with cheers for the status quo. A few seemed confused; they were clearly in awe to be face-to-face with those who profit from their most manipulated fears.

As they passed we waved them on and serenaded them with our songs.

From our perch, your trusty billionaires thanked our hardworking teabaggers, rallying the crowd with rousing chants like “Money is freedom!”, “Freedom Works – FOR US!, “You Protest – We Profit!” and the big crowd favorite, “Bring Back Bush!!!”

From there we decamped and headed into the crowds toward the Capitol to mingle with those working so hard to ensure our right to raise rates and deny claims.

The crowd embraced us with their exuberant chants and signs. Ayn Rand was a favorite theme, of which we naturally approved, but some were a bit unique. Regardless, we’re proud of the teabaggers, and thrilled that they came out like good soldiers. After all, nothing says freedom like denying claims. And besides, OUR death panels turn a profit.

As Maddow says, maybe singing satirical songs to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic is actually the best way to counter the madness surrounding the healthcare “debate” — after all, not much else seems to be working these days.



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6 responses to “Billionaires for Wealthcare

  1. philosoraptor


    I’ve been watching the healthcare goings-on since Obama’s inauguration. I’ve only become more and more convinced that America is not going to get anything resembling a public option, but then I see faint glimmers of hope like these guys.

    As strange as it sounds, I think this tiny group hit the mark perfectly. It has the same feel to me as the lawyer trying to get the divorce ban on the California ballot…it’s cynical, for sure, but brilliantly so.

    Sometimes I love American politics.

  2. In terms of its sheer theatricality and amusement, it’s so much more entertaining than the tedious blancmange that passes for discourse up here.

  3. heh. i wonder if ‘derta was there. she’s coming to cali next week. we’re gonna meet.


  4. Yeah, I wondered about that too.

    Say “hi” for me.

  5. Ian

    Here’s a youtube clip that has only been veiwed by a few hundred so far. Guy does a masterful job of bewildering the 9/12ers with their own arguments. A new Max Blumenthal only better.

  6. Ian —Beautiful. That “concentrated stupidity” was the best laugh I’ve had in days.

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