Concentrated Stupidity

Extreme right-wingers (aka so-called “conservatives”) are understandably quite defensively agitated whenever it’s dismissively asserted by Hippie-Liberal-Nazi-Communist Obama supporters that the raging teabaggers and other protesters in last weekend’s expression of diffuse outrage are little more than a lunatic fringe group of ignorant, mentally deranged crackpots, so perhaps it would be instructive to simply allow these folks to speak for themselves…

In the interest of fairness, here’s Reason TV’s take on the protest:

While “big government spending” is definitely a controversial issue, I think Reason TV really seriously missed the ball here by deliberately skewing their presentation heavily in favour of the libertarian aspect of the protest rather than more objectively covering the gamut of fearful, inarticulate, uninformed outrage presently being directed by “teabaggers” and their ilk at Washington.

h/t: A big thanks to Ian in the comments who pointed out this marvelously “stupid” video from New Left Media.

Clinton Deployment Condemned

Shocking new footage shows innocent Pakistani civilians sent fleeing in panic from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s rambling anecdotes and picking up the pieces of their ruined lives after her brutally tedious visits to farms and cultural centers in the impact zone of Islamabad.

Billionaires for Wealthcare

Nice to see that the Billionaires for Bush have found a new cause.

From their blog about the 9/12 protest:

We set up our post on an elevated curb along Pennsylvania Avenue, proudly surveying the throngs we’d funded. The crowds mainly greeted us with cheers for the status quo. A few seemed confused; they were clearly in awe to be face-to-face with those who profit from their most manipulated fears.

As they passed we waved them on and serenaded them with our songs.

From our perch, your trusty billionaires thanked our hardworking teabaggers, rallying the crowd with rousing chants like “Money is freedom!”, “Freedom Works – FOR US!, “You Protest – We Profit!” and the big crowd favorite, “Bring Back Bush!!!”

From there we decamped and headed into the crowds toward the Capitol to mingle with those working so hard to ensure our right to raise rates and deny claims.

The crowd embraced us with their exuberant chants and signs. Ayn Rand was a favorite theme, of which we naturally approved, but some were a bit unique. Regardless, we’re proud of the teabaggers, and thrilled that they came out like good soldiers. After all, nothing says freedom like denying claims. And besides, OUR death panels turn a profit.

As Maddow says, maybe singing satirical songs to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic is actually the best way to counter the madness surrounding the healthcare “debate” — after all, not much else seems to be working these days.