Cracker Barrel Confessional

Whatever you may think of the histrionic demagoguery and kooky on-air fulminations of Glenn “Lonesome Rhodes” Beck, it’s hard to deny that the guy is hugely entertaining. On today’s show, for example, Beck provocatively unveiled an obscure Fox News studio that he hopes will attract 56 so-called “new founders” to “rat-out” the presumed “corruption” within their own parties…

The game’s afoot!

Somewhat more seriously, it’s a rather bizarre, manipulative scenario Beck has concocted for viewers here, no? How are we to believe that [insert 60 Minutes style pixilated/silhouetted figure here] is the real deal? At this point it’s all speculation about what may transpire or how it will be spun by Beck and his writers, but I have to confess to being highly intrigued by the premise.



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5 responses to “Cracker Barrel Confessional

  1. counter-coulter

    I eagerly await “Father Confessor” Beck’s first penitent: an “ex white house staffer” that found Obama’s Al Qaeda membership card and his secret plan to blow himself up at the State of the Union address.

  2. psa

    I think all television shows would benefit by being broadcast in silhouette, with pixilization and groovy vocoder vocal treatment. Beck is a spectacle, I’ll give him that. I await the Howard Beal turn.

  3. Nice to hear Beck’s real, Satan-like voice for once. Next time, he can take off the goofy blond person mask and reveal his horned majesty….

    What a kook…

  4. I was trying to find A Face in the Crowd on Surf the Channel yesterday, but they don’t seem to have it. Pity as I’d love to watch the whole thing, but in the meantime, here’s this “Beckish” extract:

  5. ha. last week, i called drinkingwithbob “a face in the crowd.” i don’t think anyone got it.


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