Beyond Prop 8

Jesus still loves you if you get divorced — just not as much as before.

Inspired by California’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage last year, satirist and commentator John Marcotte has taken the first steps in the initiative process to qualify the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act for a statewide vote sometime next year.

“It’s actually what I think is a logical extension of Prop 8, which was the California Marriage Protection Act. [My initiative] would protect traditional marriages by banning divorce,” he explained.

Marcotte submitted the proposed title and summary to the California Attorney General and claims that a volunteer network is standing by to collect petition signatures once the language is formally approved.

On his website, Marcotte describes himself as “a firm believer in traditional family values” who “currently opposes gay marriage, Obama talking to children and MSNBC’s entire prime-time line-up.”



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9 responses to “Beyond Prop 8

  1. Barkman

    Lets see if I can wrap my head around this. BANNING divorce. Wow. So if someone is unfortunate enough to be married to a physically abusive person, “too bad?” Kids are sexually abused, but you and they are shit out luck?

    If God hates divorce that bad, then he can go fuck Himself. Sorry for the language, Red.

  2. In context, Jesus banned divorce because in 1st Century Hebrew/Greek/Roman culture it meant utter impoverishment and estrangement for women. In these cultures women weren’t people, but property and marriages weren’t done for love but to cement family alliances.

    Since divorced women were no longer virgins, they were considered “tainted” and would be rejected by their families and were ineligible to get married again. No man would marry a non-virgin and/or agree to be father to whichever children she had. Many women ended up taking their own lives. In that context it was the least bad option.

    But this is a great campaign. In the fights over homosexuality in my own Anglican Church I often raise the hypocrisy where people seem more than willing to look the other way on divorce and remarriage while throwing the book at gays.

  3. Joseph

    Do you really not realize that this entire effort is to prove the stupidity of “protecting traditional marriage” through voter initiatives?

    If same-sex marriage “destroys” traditional marriage, then heck why not go for the source – things that actually end traditional marriages. Divorce would be right on the top of that list, now wouldn’t it be?

    Ludicrous, yes.

    A genius way of making a point, yes indeed.

    The state of California turned its back on its gay citizens. I somehow think they can stomach this.

  4. Barkman — It’s meant to be taken with a bag of salt. Don’t get too worked up about it.

    It’s quite obvious the whole exercise is done with tongue firmly in cheek, but Marcotte does raise a serious bit of hypocrisy on the part of fundamentalists and other assorted wingnuts who claim they want to “protect” marriage while turning a blind eye to the fact that their religion views divorce as a mortal sin (at least according to some).

    “Every one that putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and he that marrieth her that is put away from her husband, committeth adultery.” (Luke 16:18)

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  6. Curious to see how many seriously support it.

    I wonder how many supporters of banning divorce are the same people who run around screaming about the state intruding into their lives? Hullo?

  7. hitfan

    I’m not a Liberal by any means, but I think that was a good zinger by Ignatieff in the House today regarding Harper’ so-called new found love of socialism.

    Layton wants to protect his seat count, no way he wants an election.

  8. Wayward son

    Pure brilliance – why can’t I think of things like that?

  9. Wayward son

    In other protecting “traditional marriage” related news reported today – Aceh, a province in Indonesia passed a law sentencing married adulterers to death by stoning:

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