Cracker Barrel Confessional

Whatever you may think of the histrionic demagoguery and kooky on-air fulminations of Glenn “Lonesome Rhodes” Beck, it’s hard to deny that the guy is hugely entertaining. On today’s show, for example, Beck provocatively unveiled an obscure Fox News studio that he hopes will attract 56 so-called “new founders” to “rat-out” the presumed “corruption” within their own parties…

The game’s afoot!

Somewhat more seriously, it’s a rather bizarre, manipulative scenario Beck has concocted for viewers here, no? How are we to believe that [insert 60 Minutes style pixilated/silhouetted figure here] is the real deal? At this point it’s all speculation about what may transpire or how it will be spun by Beck and his writers, but I have to confess to being highly intrigued by the premise.

Beyond Prop 8

Jesus still loves you if you get divorced — just not as much as before.

Inspired by California’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage last year, satirist and commentator John Marcotte has taken the first steps in the initiative process to qualify the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act for a statewide vote sometime next year.

“It’s actually what I think is a logical extension of Prop 8, which was the California Marriage Protection Act. [My initiative] would protect traditional marriages by banning divorce,” he explained.

Marcotte submitted the proposed title and summary to the California Attorney General and claims that a volunteer network is standing by to collect petition signatures once the language is formally approved.

On his website, Marcotte describes himself as “a firm believer in traditional family values” who “currently opposes gay marriage, Obama talking to children and MSNBC’s entire prime-time line-up.”