Observing 9/11

Americans show their respect.

And what a perfect way to celebrate 9/12… Take that Glenn Beck!



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16 responses to “Observing 9/11

  1. Ti-Guy

    Now that’s biting satire. I wonder how long before FoxNews starts character-assassinating the people at The Onion?

    I particularly liked the notice at the porn site: “Shame on You! Its 9/11.” 🙂

  2. take_dead_aim

    I think anything and everything should be onside when it comes to humor, but it’s gotta be really really funny, especially if you’re going to pick something like 9/11, or Darfur, etc as the platform for ‘satire’.

    Wasn’t funny enough for me.

  3. I’m sure the families of the dead really appreciate that sick sense of humour.

  4. sassy

    Do you refer to this Glenn Beck?

  5. Martin

    “I’m sure the families of the dead really appreciate that sick sense of humour.”

    Oh, Jesus.

  6. Ti-Guy

    I’m sure the families of the dead really appreciate that sick sense of humour.

    I’m sure they appreciate you speaking for them. Like you do for God.

    Fuck off, you God-bothering fundagelical asshole.

  7. Not really funny.

    A rare miss by the Onion.

  8. Joseph

    I’m not as thrilled by this one either, and I’m a big Onion fan.

    My favorite of their satire in this area was a few years back during the height of the fear-induced terror-level charades.

    At the time they had a report on how an “anti-counter-terrorism” exercise took out the Washington monument. They had a picture of the monument sprawled across the mall, and the article was filled with quotes from the agencies on how the “successful” exercise had taught them all sorts of things about how to avoid an actual terrorism attack in the future.

    That one was perfectly executed. Today’s report, not so much.

  9. Joseph

    should have said “fear-inducing terror-level charades.”

  10. Interesting reactions…

  11. Ti-Guy

    I loved it. Puncturing the bubble of holiness and forced reverence that surrounds 9/11, a minor event in terms of lives lost, which American administrations saw coming, and which hardly compares to the millions of innocent lives that that country has snuffed out in the last decades and will continue to for the foreseeable future, is exactly what satire is for.

  12. i didn’t want to laugh, but i did. the street interviews brought it home.


  13. lenny

    To be fair to Christo-Con, he did blog about how appalled he was when Gerry Ritz joked about the actual deaths that occurred under his watch…er…I mean he would have, but he was busy writing his rapture letters that week.

  14. Christian Con has every right to consider it “sick humour” because it just that in a sense, but where he misses the boat completely is failing to recognize it as something done with the entirely legitimate purpose of skewering the utterly cynical, phony pretensions of the media with their de rigueur yet increasingly tedious “commemorations” every 9/11 and the woefully hollow sentiments of grief everyone is obliged to feign with manufactured sincerity on cue once a year.

    Quite aside from that, the suggestion that masturbation would be treated by the media (and people on the street) in such a banal, matter-of-fact way was priceless.

    On a more serious note, this is kind of poignant:

  15. Okhropir rumiani

    I think sometimes you’ve got to bite your lip and just ignore the urge to skewer the tedious “commemorations”. Enduring silliness is perhaps the only way to honour the dead.

    However, I don’t think for this one. Too funny.

  16. lenny

    What I’d find poignant would be general acknowledgement in the US that 9/11 wasn’t the single greatest tragedy to ever to befall the world.

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